Mixa baby, Nivea,. Attention to what you put on the baby’s bottom!

Why? According to the study, they contain components which can be toxic to infants. Example: parabens, endocrine disruptors, like lesphenoxyethanol, whose use has been outlawed by the National Agency for safety of the medicinal product (ANSM) in cosmetic products intended to seat, and drastically limited for all other products intended for less than 3 years. A much lower rate than recommended by the European Commission and that now offer the brands.   60 million consumers has decrypted the composition of 52 products and scored them from + to-according to several criteria: price, irritating compounds, compounds allergenic and sensitising, endocrine disruptors and the presence of phenoxyethanol. Surprise: some products from brands like Mixa, baby Cabigas, Nivea Baby or even Klorane baby are labelled a-.   May be noted as well that the cleanser Mixa baby contains a compound allergenic/sensitizer and an endocrine disruptor, substance suspected to have an impact on fertility and to be linked to the increase in the number of so-called hormone-dependent cancers (breast, prostate,.).   . Related info can be read clicking fact.


United States: 21 days Ebola monitoring for West Africans.

The rule applies starting this coming Monday, first in the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York and Georgia. Meanwhile, it was announced that an another Ebola patient appropriate to the treatment in the United States has survived the disease. The cameraman of the television network NBC, who had been flown in about two weeks ago from Liberia in a clinic in Nebraska, was Ebola free and left the hospital, the University of Nebraska told Medical Center. The man had been infected in Liberia and had been treated with the experimental drug brincidofovir. Several other patients who had contracted in West Africa and were then brought to the treatment in the United States, are now also considered healed. A man from Liberia, at the end of September in Dallas in the U.S. State of Texas Ebola was detected, the disease had succumbed however about a week later. His case was the first Ebola diagnosis outside of Africa since the beginning of the current epidemic. Two nurses contracted in men, they are currently treated. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Meanwhile 9936 Ebola cases are covered. The number of deaths is hence 4877. However, experts anticipate a high number of unreported cases. Especially in the main cities of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone the transmission rate remains very high, said the WHO. Therefore, there are most victims in Liberia Meanwhile 2705 dead. There are other cases in Spain and the United States. In Nigeria and Senegal the epidemic was declared, however, in recent days by the WHO over, because there for 42 days, no new case has occurred more. . Extended data can be inspected clicking http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu.


Four digits to remember about the challenges of Total.

With this figure of EUR 189.5 billion, Total is the first company fran easy in terms of turnover. It is also the second me in terms of re, behind Sanofi by market capitalization. Total has pay in 2013, EUR 11 billion of imp ts on the soci t s and other taxes in the world, 900 million in France, according to La Tribune. D c d, Christophe de Margerie, r Ed CEO pay more imp ts in France but d plorait activity easy fran is in loss. If it stays (d) said, pr cise Le Parisien, the public Treasury Tr shall make a ch that 80 million euros Total in 2017. in respect of the year and said Cr imp t research (CIR). This comfortable figure is however declining two years: b n profits rose to $ 12.2 billion by 2012 and 11.4 in 2011. Total has t p nalis by its losses on the activity of refining in Europe and of d disappointments on the search for new sources of hydrocarbons. Christophe de Margerie had seen the half glass full, explains Le Monde, referring to a year of transition and noting that its competitors were doing less well in production and net result r. But for am improve this figure, Total will reduce its overall investments and its deposition in the refining co. It could close sites, since the European refineries are in surcapacit. Christophe de Margerie wanted r balance exposure European Total. 2.3 million barrels equivalent p oil per day. This figure marks a stagnation compared the year 2012 while the leaders in Total, 5th group p oil world, projected 2 3% more. Risk g geopolitical in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and exploration in areas difficult to access as the Congo offshore deposits make the more expensive oil p find. These latest res ann es, the Group has developed an ambitious program and drilling risk, which has not given results s escompt. The production of the seven largest companies p troli res priv es a down by 15% in 10 years, and gas, which represented 49% of Total production, it will displace soon t p oil, reports Le Monde. Total is int interested in Russian gas, one of the probable reasons for the travel of Christophe de Margerie Moscow. � . You must check the following http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu to learn more on this amazing topic.


Inside Wall Street: the Dow Jones is how important?

What’s wrong with the good old Dow at once? On the one hand, that he is just right lean equipped with 30 titles and thus the overall picture of the American economy long ago not as accurately depict can be like as an index of 5000 shares. In addition, that the Dow is still quite heavy industry therefore. No wonder: Full name, this thing is Yes as the Dow Jones industrials. Although financial and media companies have long been just as the Dow values of selected high-tech giants, but missed the index with the emphasis on the classical industry (General Electric, United Technologies, 3 M, you Pont, Boeing, etc.) just the aim to paint a broad picture of corporate America. Because the sector already plays a minor role. And who wants to hold on the industry values, be given a consolation. In the context of the current earnings at least some values in the Dow Jones gave now just a fairly adequate picture of the US economy: your numbers exposed problems still arise in corporate America, which however were painted over by a multi-year rally on the stock markets. IBM, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola,. the list of companies that delivered disappointing last balance sheets, is long, and the blue chips are correspondingly weakened. Thus, the Dow has Jones with the American economy in General again more common was last seen. . For additional insights on this topic read web site.


Mazara del Vallo: not enough 25 employees, museo del Satiro closed on public holidays.

"Twenty-five people of the region to manage an area of little more than two hundred square meters are unable to ensure the opening of the Museum of the Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo on holidays or they do so only in a few hours" is what complaint the Mayor of the city in the province of Trapani, Nicola Cristaldi, who attacks: "This is a tangible sign of a Sicily that wrong". The first citizen of Mazara del Vallo denouncing the question has also announced that he had sent to the President of the region, Rosario Crocetta, a request for transfer of the management of the region to the City Museum. "I find it ironic that the biggest cultural attraction of the city becomes non-functioning example of a tourist and economic system essential for the territory" said the Mayor, recalling that in the city there is a museum network that the municipality has set up and is open every day of the year. "The region’s 25 employees may be transferred to other functions and in other areas, since it is willing to take any financial burden for the management of the Museum with municipal employees who will be able to ensure the opening for each day of the year" assured Chauhan, noting that often the municipality already intervenes because of the financial hardship of the Soprintendenza dei beni culturali di Trapanidelegated management, Museo del Satiro. "There are many situations similar to that of Mazara del Vallo where there are more people that visitors. I wonder how much people a sub policy of this magnitude "concluded the Mayor. . You should visit this http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu to discover extra about this amazing topic.


The 10 month pension but who has double check Inps-Inpdap.

Will receive the 10 month pension, starting from next year, only 800. 000 people who have double check Inps-Inpdap (civil servants). It points out in a tweet the Ministry of the economy, stressing that "the other 15 million» everything will remain ‘ as now." The Government has amended the law on the payment slip of all pensions to 10 of the month "on trade unions". He said the Secretary General of the Spi-Cgil, Carla Canton asking to change also the unification of social security payments-payment with Inpdap 10 month. ‘ ‘ We have rebelled at an injustice, he said if we didn’t feel our voice would not change. Is a partial result, we won’t be completely satisfied until they come back even on the unification to 10 this month for the 800. 000 pensioners who receive double check Inps-Inpdap. Why consolidate downwards? ‘. Canton finally said that the unions have asked for a meeting to the Government while short is scheduled a meeting with the top management Inps. . For more about this matter read http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu.


Bayern scorer Robben: from the ego.

It was a scene from the football textbook. Bayern of Munich’s Arjen Robben dribbled from the right to the opposing penalty area, slowed briefly, saw from the corner of the left eye Philipp Lahm. He fit to down the ball, as the defender of the Roma do not existed before and beside him, took a few quick steps, again took the ball – and shot. 1:0 it was the kick-off one spectacular evening of football, at the end, it was 7:1 (5-0) for the FC Bayern and Robben had met once again. This is a snapshot, said the 30-year-old after the match and thus agreed similar tones as his coach Josep Guardiola, who had called the crash the result of Rome. So an evening you must enjoy, but let us remain with two feet on the ground and keep working. Munich gave great effort, this historic result not about to write a review, this is just a game and happens something, said Robben. While he was there, who had had a big part in the outcome of the game just, and had with coincidence or fate plenty to do little. Arjen Robben is currently a superior form, probably in the form of his life. Well two years ago this development thought hardly possible. At that time, the Dutch of no longer of the world class footballers was Robben, but the face of the tragic Champions League defeat against Chelsea because he had not used a hundred percent chance in stoppage time. They kreidete him for the Championship against Borussia Dortmund lost; in a direct duel, he had awarded a penalty kick. In the friendly match between Bavaria and the Netherlands a few days later Robben was booed, as soon as he got to the ball. A change seemed likely. As long time seal was regarded as difficult character, as egotist who had no eye for his teammates and the team structure. It was most like to carry the ball with one of its individual actions in the gate. Robben, who has shown outstanding performance this evening in Rome, is another. This seals ran and fought over 90 minutes, he offered himself to his teammates, gesturing and most importantly: communicated. In several situations he dribbled the ball – as so often – far-right towards the penalty area boundary, to tangled up he sought eye contact again with his team-mates but instead of alone in the Roman defence. A highlight of this development was the World Cup in Brazil, joined the seals for many observers, one of the best players of the tournament. The way that Arjen has played soccer in Brazil, was surreal, said Bayern Board Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and he just continues this season with Bayern Munich. There is hardly a defender, who can stop him. When he touches the ball, is the enemy on high alert. . For extra insights about this topic check home page.


Immigration: a member requests an investigation against the Australia for crimes against humanity.

An independent member of Parliament announced Wednesday that it had asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate immigration policy very restrictive led the Australia which it accused of crimes against humanity. L?Australia sends asylum seekers arriving by boat in the detention camps in Papua New Guinea or on islands in the Pacific such as Nauru or Manus. Andrew Wilkie explained having taken its decision after trying in vain for years to get Canberra a change in policy. Asked by letter to the ICC to open an investigation into crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Australian members of the Government against the people arriving in Australian waters to seek asylum. Canberra argues that its immigration policy is intended to discourage smugglers while hundreds of people drowned trying to reach Australian shores. Immigrants are denied any possibility to settle in Australia, even if the investigation of their case results in the recognition of refugee status. They can choose to stay in the camps of the Pacific Islands or to return home. This policy, put in place by the Labour Government to cope with the influx of immigrants from many countries such as the Iraq, the Iran and Afghanistan, has been pursued by the current Conservative Government. The effects of this policy are that men, women and children, are moved by force and then detained arbitrarily sometimes for indefinite periods, says MP. The conditions they are subjected during their detention are the cause of great suffering and serious physical and mental injury. He accused the Government of violating international treaties on the rights of the refugees, the rights of the child as well as civil and political rights the Minister of Immigration Scott Morrison replied that the Australia complied with international law. The Government will not be intimidated by people in search of attention seeking return for costly political tragedies and chaos on our borders. . For extra information about this topic read http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu.


The leftovers template the Forsaken: A mystery so great as death.

At that moment, when jen of Sussman simply disappears, her friend Jill sits on the sofa next to her and look on the computer screen. Then she looks up. And Jen is gone. Not on the toilet. Not in the kitchen. Nowhere else. Really away. As well as many other best girlfriends, mothers, fathers, daughters, neighbors, teachers, bartenders and sons at this moment disappear. Two per cent of the world population as a whole, which have nothing in common with each other. Damon Lindelof, who already lost was responsible for the series and has now produced the leftovers, once said in an interview, if that is why you see the series you should better not look. And the same applies of course also to the novel. The first sounds like a big nuisance, a unfulfilled promises, because of course, you want to know what actually happened. As much those left behind want to know why they join weird sects and develop still stranger theories. Perrotta tells his story in dense scenes and changing perspectives along a family. The Mayor Kevin, who is back in the everyday life rescues and rather goes with his friends in the pub as the therapy. Each day his wife, however, appears at once completely meaningless. You join a sect to survive so the guilty rest, who never speaks, always smokes, wears only white and wants to prevent the residents of the tranquil suburbs through his accusatory presence because, as if nothing had happened. Her son flees to a guru with an ability to analgesic hugs and a penchant for underage Asian girls. And her daughter is shaved in a Britney-Spears like Act of desperation the hair. Actually so Perrotta has written no effect hascherischen fantasy novel, but rather a great novel about grief. The sudden progress works as the moment that prevents to dismiss the bewilderment with phrases. No is the way of life, no this is something all-natural, no he was already old. The disappearance of all these people is indeed incomprehensible and sudden and inexplicable as any death for survivors always will feel. . Extended data can be inspected checking resource.


ATHENS-Athens Excavation to redeem the ko of Madrid and equal with Sassuolo. Massimiliano Allegri there revolves around: wants a tough Juve and Vidal, because tomorrow against Olympiacos will be almost a playoff from inside or out. Cannot go wrong. It won’t be a decisive match, but definitely important. Need an evidence right under all points of view. The next two races with the Greeks will be a direct knockout clash. Anything but a health walk, in short, between the caudine forks of Karaiskakis Stadium: that the fans are hot Greeks is normal, but the players on the pitch and not the fans. We respect the Olympiacos which won Atletico has a great technician, Michel, and players of great quality. Will be a tough race from a physical point of view but mostly technical. Juve seeks a victory away in the Champions League the missing since February 12, 2013 (3-0 at Celtic). The goal is to (almost) safe access to round of Champions, Hall of those quarter-finals representing for the core business of the Bianconeri’s season. Courses and historical redress: in the last five Champions Juventus transfers have collected only one tie, but you must also remember that in the previous four Karaiskakis Stadium-Bedlam, the home of Olympiacos, they never lost, collecting two WINS and two draws, the last eleven years ago with Nedved. PIRLO and LLORENTE into REFIT on MACDONALD and MORATA-training is made for nine elevenths. Allegri has two doubts-Pirlo and Llorente are comeback on Marchisio and Morata-seven certainties: for sure tomorrow playing Tevez, Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Lichtsteiner, Vidal and Tevez. After much waffling, Juve found: Arturo Vidal is definitely better. His physical condition has improved thanks to the work done these days in Turin. Tomorrow we hope to see a great Vidal, although it may not be one hundred percent for all 90 minutes. Allegri could play the card Morata, hitherto never employed between holders: Alvaro is a young man of great quality, with great prospects. Is growing a lot. We’ll see if he will play or Llorente. During construction there may be room for Coman or Garcia, the latter announced in excellent shape. Sebastian is fine, but played little and is slightly bitter because it would be more helpful to the cause-said to Tiki Taka Atom Ant’s Attorney, Andrea D’amico-. It’s hard to be a Prophet in his homeland. If there is a valid project for him will remain in black and white, otherwise ,, Olympiacos seems to have chosen the 4-3-1-2, with Kasami, Milivojevic and Maniatis in midfield and Dominguez among the lines, behind Afellay and Mitroglou. ‘ ‘ We respect Juve but we want to continue our European path: we will find ready, ” assures the Spanish coach Michel, former glory of Real Madrid. Even the Greeks claim a place in Europe that counts. At least in football. BUFFON: WE PROVE to the G8 in Europe-we want to prove we can get in the top eight in Europe. Tomorrow we will try to give precise and convincing. It is Gigi Buffon to sound the charge on the eve of Olympiacos-Juve. The Juventus Captain speaks of a Juve with enormous potential, some still unspoken, expected from a very difficult match against a team that deserves the utmost respect because it has excellent individuality but also a nice choral game. SuperGigi invites her to put the helmet: we will play in a hot environment that will put us in difficulty and to undermine our certainties. Meanwhile off the last polemical fires of Juve-Roma: De Sanctis declarations do not have bothered, because the thought of others is always respected. But more than two weeks from that game, I remember pretty faded. Life goes on and there are other prestigious races to think about, like tomorrow night. A fortiori is already in the archive ko at Atletico Madrid, with its tail rather ill-timed criticism: Despite some comments to the Vicente Calderon saw Juve with a great personality and strength. A team that, despite not having had colossal opportunities to score, he always kept the game ball. It’s a reassuring even when Buffon speaks about his impending contract renewal until 2016: There is complete unity of purpose and vision. We discutando already. Maybe everything will be defined soon. . Extended data can be inspected reading http://f56986732d4ec601bcf9c82fbaf9d57.com-documents-archive.eu.