Petra Ecclestone sold his mansion for 105 million euros.

After the acquisition n Petra said that the decoration n didn’t like it and that the building needed substantial change to adapt it to your taste. All were to live his life the small to Lavinia, daughter of the marriage she and her husband and all began. Three family and 50. 400 square meters of mansi is n m s largest to the White House – Petra Ecclestone has finished decoration n to your liking and it seems that it is not c fashion because it has it on sale. The House is not a normal House because the heirs of Bernie Ecclestone, Petra and Tamara, aren’t any girls. At The Manor (in ingl s medieval means House m s important in the area) Petra has 14 bedrooms, a hair to, a cinema room, a room for massage, two kitchens, a garage, parking space for a fleet of vehicles asses. Adem s has conunos extensive and pristine gardens whose sped c seems a dense carpet according to the photographer as touting the sale. . For extended data on this matter read fact.


NBA: justice orders the sale of the Clippers.

A California judge ordered Monday the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball club in the former leader of Microsoft Steve Ballmer for two billion dollars. Justice estimated that the former owner, Donald Sterling, disbarred for life in the NBA for racist, could not block the sale, negotiated by his wife Shelley Sterling, whom he is separated but not divorced. The sale agreement stipulates that it must be completed by August 15, otherwise it could be questioned. Counsel for Donald Sterling wanted to save time and filed last week a second complaint against Shelley Sterling and the NBA and his boss Adam Silver arguing that all three have deceived him and him were injured during this assignment. The judicial battle revolves around the validity of the eviction of Donald Sterling of the head of the holding company family owner of the Clippers. As a result of two medical examinations, Mr. Sterling was averted for dementia. His lawyers say that medical examinations have been made by experts who were not neutral and as part of a conspiracy to force Donald Sterling to sell his team, that he had agreed to do before retract abruptly last month. Max Blecher, lead counsel for Donald Sterling, again denounced during closing argument a Mrs. Sterling plot which he has dirty hands. He added that there was no evidence that Donald Sterling is reached of dementia in his actions when he still ran his team and its holding company. Pierce O’Donnell has reaffirmed that his client was a good woman who has c? ur the well-being of her husband, hammering also that the ouster of Donald Sterling is valid. . Root data could be read reading the following


Classrooms for teen mothers.

"Here there are no racial differences", he says Beucks, that is not right to give a reason why South Africa does not know to correct this problem, while sex education is compulsory from six years in all educational, public and private schools. According to the judges, the girls to practice suffered ” punishment ” for being pregnant, so the measure strikes the egalitarian and non-discriminatory principles of the Constitution, in the sense that if the father of the creatures is also student is not penalized. In addition, girls did not have the right to cut the period of low Yes given to adult mothers. Not everyone agrees with this type of centres, since they consider that it deviates only girls and not solved the fundamental problem of unintended pregnancies, in a country also hit by high rates of HIV infection and sexual abuse against young people. There is no an adapted curriculum in this Center because simply students "are not sick nor have any disability", emphasizes the teaching, although it is true that teachers and students have to deal with the drawbacks of the discomfort inherent in pregnancy, such as dizziness, nausea or difficulty in concentration. This leads to a greater percentage of absenteeism in the classrooms than in an ordinary school. Nicole van Nieuwenhuizen admits that often feel sleepy in class and you feel more tired than normal, but this does not prevent it to give the best of themselves. . Inspirational source can be read checking this


Yet too many collisions at level crossings.

According the statistics of rail network of France (RFF), the Manager of the french railway network, 148 collisions were counted in 2013, resulting in 29 deaths. "Still too high", but declining balance: 40% less accidents and "a number of deaths divided by two in ten years", stressed the spokesman of RFF. These collisions are to be compared with the 16 million vehicles crossing one of the 18. 000 crossings every day. In each case, the question is to know if motorists have consciously crossed the passage while the signal instructs them to stop, where if they have not seen. Thus, learned this same Friday that the SNCF was returned in corrections for manslaughter after a collision in 2006, between a b and a car. The driver was, this time, survived No. The cause could be a malfunction of the device. Some dramas were however involved human error and inadequate prevention around the infrastructure. The accident Allinges scored submissions due to the seven children who died in the collision between a bus and a TER, and the suicide of their teacher a few weeks later. The driver of the transport of children had not seen nor heard the signal and had done bad manoeuvres on the way. The drama had engendered a strengthening of security around a national security plan includes several measures. In 2013, SNCF and RFF were sentenced for not sufficiently taking into account dangerousness known from this passage, which must now be deleted, as were 38 others in 2012 and 2013 on the State’s decision. But the deletion of passages are particularly expensive, "between one and three million euros" figure on RFF. They involve adapting the infrastructure by constructing a bridge, a tunnel. Identify hazardous crossings therefore does not cause a change. Even if lead of the discontent. In Britain, the crossing at Saint-Médard-sur-Ille is an example. Forty people were were injured in a collision between a b and a weight heavy, in 2007. Four years later, a new collision killed three people. In 2012, the level crossing was included in the national security plan, and crossing radars have been installed. "This is not enough," insists Marc Gronon of the Bretagne Sud-Rail Union. "There was a deceleration zone but it no longer applied." For the trade unionist, deletes «represent heavy investments, that we prefer to do on other lines preferred». Southern Rail calls its drivers to slow down on approaching the crossing, "but obviously delays the driver is held responsible," says Marc Gronon. "Other common sense measures exist," tempers however the spokesman of RFF. In city centres including, the least frequent crossings closures are privileged deletions: it redirects the vehicles to an another level crossing. Other measures, such as the installation of a channel separation, in order to avoid the passages into a fight, or a speed limitation were also adopted in some places. There remains the question of time limits. RFF, it indicates that these decisions may "take reasonable time, others more time. . Original facts may be read reading this


“Amassed a huge arsenal of weapons” – suppliers, smuggling routes, self-construction: like the isolated Hamas comes to their missiles.

The Hamas militants burn hundreds of missiles, the Israeli army attacking their arsenal – and yet inventories of of Hamas not to low seem to go. How to get the internationally isolated organization of weapons? And how could she be so professional?   Lebanese Hezbollah has passed to the Hamas weapons. "In the past, the radical Palestinians on Hezbollah, which is a foster child of Iran, could count", says Tamil. But since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, the former partners are on different pages. The Hezbollah is fighting on the side of the Government forces of dictator Bashar al-Assad, who is among the allies of Iran. Hamas in turn supported the rebels. Many of the rockets, which today are in the arsenals of Hamas, were transported by Egypt in the Gaza Strip. "During the Presidency of morsi’s, Hamas has been supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and could make full use of such transport routes in Egypt", says Tamil. The connections are tight – the Hamas was once founded as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. . Extended data can be read reading article.


Milan, battle on Seveso Will a giant sewer.

The project exists since a long time: take a bath in Senago, Milan in the North, large 113500 square meters. In practice, explains to Jonathan Simeone. en Mayor Lucio Fois-a huge hole as big as 20 football fields. Newspapers, politicians, institutions: for all that bath is essential because it is the solution. Especially Milan is so convinced they already allocated its portion of 30 million needed to achieve it. Pity that this small town, embedded in 21mila between Paderno Dugnano, Garbagnate and has said no. Clear and strong. The tub will not in Senago, says the Mayor. Here are the REASONS of the BATTLE the project for flood control, says Yes. I say that the interregional Agency of the Po River has done serious studies. Now, from 2010 to 2012, about 10 full taken into account, only in one case on 10, with the bath, we got free from the waters of Milan Seveso. In five cases, definitely not. To secure Milan the solution is not to make that hot, but being able to rule 4 and a half million cubic meters of water. With the expansion tank if they manage to put at less than a million. Then, is not the solution. Just no. We would to govern only 22 percent of these waters. And being a derivative of the floodway, within 8 hours it would fill. Why do you say no? We’re not on Seveso, that is 5 km far. We are against an artwork would be useless on our territory not a lovely swimming pool with clear water, but a large open-air cloaca 20 football fields. The Seveso is a inquinatissimo River. Rather than bring a tank of this type, it is necessary to intervene on the system of purification sewage. And then I have a question ,. In what sense? In the sense that we are working in Milan, we go to school, we use their airports, their schools, their hospitals. We are pleased that Mica is from flooding. But the solution is not to take a bath that will become a huge polluted sewer. Let us not kid ourselves. . Additional text can be found clicking article.


Theatre in prison: creative resistance culture.

"That’s popping up leaves, where none had seen before; swords of daffodils and jonquils appear out of nowhere in the night and in the morning there are. And so the iris, which had sunk in the ground in a soggy heap of sadness raises its vivid green Spears. And these are clues that spring spring deceptive to February to astonish and, against all reason, cause our hearts to believe. "It is not a question of aesthetics, of staged more or less fine, but by cultural ties and emancipation: is focus and practice that goes with it on everything in a human being goes beyond its quota condition. Creative resistance, as far as I’m concerned, consists in this: think a little how to contribute in concrete terms to ensure that, for example, a prison becomes a place of culture and as a visitor you can become active and involved user. And so goes for the Institute of psycho-social rehabilitation (former asylums that transparency still too have the insane asylum) and the grey suburbs of Italy without opportunity. Not to mention the damn football vision whose continuous chatter most boring models meet the commercial, and conveyed by the media and ‘ unscrupulous journalists ‘ language and clever and subtly from the guerrillas, who scaldar the souls do audience. They are then ready to make morality when it escapes the brawl, damaging or even dead and equally ready to grab kids and too many adults still do not distinguish life from a soccer match between millionaires. Always confident and tanned, to speak about anything for hours amid a sea of commercials and sponsors. If ever since children had the misfortune, or simply the fate of living in neighborhoods or deprived families from a scriteriata vision of living together, put down by forms of hairy and charitable handouts and TV commercial decades generalist; If the local policy is unable to counteract the causes of cultural misery that the system of "gadgetizzazione of life" (g. Lipovetsky) feeds and has every interest to maintain ignorance, well, there, in prison, where often the difference of this product converges human, meet some many offenders but also many victims. Who pays, but wrong if some public administrator, if any communication, sly hasn’t realized the importance of to create tangible and intangible sites of human growth, individual and social (a theatre, a cinema, cultural circles, a language etc. of quality) and unaware of the dangerous waste to which brings the cultural and symbolic vacuum, well then that is a shameful and dangerous administrator, accomplice and guilty. . Main source could be studied clicking the following


Radhakrishnan wrote a letter to Senators: the estate of Italy depends on you.

«From your sealing ability depends on Italy’s future. We are called to a great responsibility: don’t spoil it. " Matteo Renzi wrote a letter to Senators of the majority on the institutional reforms. «Earlier this week so challenging I need to write to you that with your support guaranteed trust and the Government majority, "says the Prime Minister. "We’re creating a company. A term born with the difficulties that we may mark a turning point in Republican history. The constitutional change when you are discussing exceeds the perfect bicameralism, simplifies the legislative process, rebalances the Regions status report, abolishes the Cnel, draws a more effective and simple-we read in the letter. " A common sense revolution in line with the main European constitutional experiences. You can agree or not with this reform: turning authoritarian but it means arguing with reality. " For Radio, "such a measure could alone give the sense of a whole political experience. But for us must be only the beginning. " The Prime Minister refers to the second reading of the electoral law in the Senate.   «And, from September, it starts with the program of the thousand days: the question justice, third sector, reform the tax delegation, the reform of the labour market, the infrastructure plan, the simplification of public administration ever, "says Renzi. «Only structural reforms will enable us to be credible in order to use the flexibility needed to restart the employment and growth. We have a thousand days to restore Italy to Italy. After everyone will make their own choices in freedom and respect. But the days before us cannot be thrown away. We can not allow ourselves, can’t afford it the Italians ‘. Renzi Urges Senators not to throw away the next few days and continues: "we are living in a very sensitive moment, especially under the international profile: the Ukraine, the Syria and Iraq, the Middle East and the Holy land to rest of Libya which for us Italians is the next problem. In this frame is on our shoulders the responsibility of making Italy and Europe places a dialogue possible which States the reasons of peace and hope. "   The premier says again: "constitutional reform for which you are going to spend days and nights, I fear in the classroom is not only shared by rewriting part of the oppositions of the basic law but is also the beginning of a fascinating and difficult attempt to return hope Word concreteness. To restore dignity to politics. Return honor to the word Parliament. Because the path will begin with the approval of the constitutional reform requires then your hard work these days and for this I would like to thank you. ‘ The letter continues: "I know it is your duty and that many of you are happy to leave the stalled early term with an ambitious project." Then, emphasizing the fact that it is «umuliante» discuss ‘ absurd ‘ argument as the name to be given to the Chamber, the Prime Minister added: "we know many of you personally, so I thought I’d just write, informally and perhaps little official, to tell you from the bottom of my heart thank you and wish you in friendship in bocca al lupo. There are those who want to block everything. And there are those who want to change, starting with himself. From your sealing ability depends on Italy’s future. We are called to a great responsibility: don’t spoil it. "   . Related text can be inspected visiting


Asia-Pacific: risks of war and arms race.

According to estimates of experts, the Asia-Pacific has become the region where military spending increase more rapidly in the world. The role of leader in this arms race always comes back to the United States, but behind this country stand China and the Japan. Other powers in the region are also increasing their military budgets, while many decades they were much lower than the the defence budgets of many European countries. Asian countries focused until now on the economy, investment in infrastructure and scientific research. Now, many States have begun simultaneously to increase and modernise their military forces. «It is much more serious than we think and the problems will not disappear of themselves», analysis Alexandre Khramtchikhine, Deputy Director of the Institute for political and military analysis. "The United States does more defend the interests of their allies if they see no threat directed against them. But America shall not enter into war against China. The reason for which an arms race currently taking place in this region. Obviously, the global centre of gravity is moving towards the Asia-Pacific region. This region are strong economies and powerful armies. It is not excluded that these forces can conduct the sharing of areas of influence in this region, or even on a larger scale. Strong economic ties are unlikely to prevent a military confrontation. Before the two world wars, all countries were bound by strong economic relationships, that has not prevented them to be involved in conflict. "The world is about to enter a new phase. It is becoming multipolar. And when a country takes weight economically, he wants to become more active. Economic growth is always accompanied by an escalation of military force. I understand the fears of the Korea of the South, the Japan and other countries with regard to China, but it is an evolutionary process, a normal geopolitical process. The world is at a breaking point. The dynamics of social, economic and political and military process is accelerating and contradictions are intensifying. But everyone understands that no military conflict in this region will not solve disputes for the benefit of that be. » . Extended data can be found visiting weblink.


The first thought on the future of Concordia is a look back at the night of the tragedy in which 32 people died (later he added another, a diver engaged in searches). One of these 33 is still missing. My first thoughts go to this person that we hope to be found soon on board the wreck says the Commander of Capitaneria di Porto di Genova, Admiral Michael Melone. The man who took the reins of the first Italian authority, entered service on the day after another devastating tragedy, the collapse of the Tower of the pilots, also reflected on the victory of team play. The success of this operation-in fact Melon-explains was the team, the ‘ Italy ‘ system which in its different aspects and subjects has been able to express better, teaming up. I feel I represent everyone in Genoa for a long time are following this question, by the Prefecture to the police headquarters, at the port authority Arpal and many others. Today we are happy because everything went well but the concerns these days were many. And melon focuses on technical nautical services of porto (trailer, mooring, pilotage) which were wonderful and have written a page of history. The future of the workplace, is back in the business of demolition, with the possibility of an agreement with Piombino, who specialise in military vessels. Just yesterday the premier Matteo Renzi announced that the Tuscan port will begin working in this segment. The port of Piombino was not able to accept all the premier announces that the Tuscan port city engulfed by a heavy steel crisis of his soul, will not be abandoned: Esarhaddon two military ships. The dismantling of military ships is not a kind of consolation prize, but is one of the points on which is based the program agreement signed last April with the Government. A deal worth about 250 million, 150 of which are allocated by the region of Tuscany, and providing industrial restructuring efforts, exterminated reclamation areas and infrastructure investments. Some 40 military ships to be dismantled and that could be the backbone of a new port, the activities of destruction and refitting in which is estimated the employment of at least 1,000 people. And in perspective could take the body the Alliance between Genoa and Plummet to the birth of a pole of Tyrrhenian specializes in civilian and military demolitions. (mas. m.)© ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For extended on this topic read