Alonso clears rumors of his departure and said that he will remain at Ferrari because it is happy.

About my future, I think that since last year, since the summer, it carries speculating on where I’m going to run. They are twelve months of rumours, statements from other teams who would be interested to have with my services, but in these 12 months did not say anything lest I will continue at Ferrari, Alonso, said at a crowded press conference which presented a few bracelets in solidarity to fight against childhood leukaemia. The rumours surprised me, but I like wanting to count on me because they appreciate my work. I have a contract and I intend to follow in Ferrari. I did not say anything never and repeat the same thing, he confessed. No I thought still leave him, although it is true that the years go. Michael Schumacher retired with 43 and I still have 33. Ten, would be me but I do not think to run ten years more. I’ll leave when you see that I’m not amused more or not fills me with satisfaction or adrenaline, confessed. I’ve lost things and I’ve sacrificed things always being away from home traveling. You lose contact with friends or important moments of your family, but I have no regrets. Sport has given me more of what I removed, and I am extremely privileged, he concluded. . Additional info can be inspected checking


Actor: Gottfried John is dead.

The German actor Gottfried John is dead. He died of cancer on Monday in Munich. The WDR in Cologne announced that. John appeared in many well-known films, including eight hours no Tag(1972) and Welt am Draht (1973). The Director Rainer Werner Fassbinderverpflichtete him for films such as the marriage of Maria Braun (1979), and Berlin Alexanderplatz(1980). He became internationally known (1995) for his role as villain General Ourumov in the James Bond film Goldeneye. 2000, he received the Bavarian film award for best supporting actor for his role of Julius Caesar in a film version of Asterix. John was born in 1942 in Berlin. During the war, he was evacuated to East Prussia along with his mother, later his mother lost custody and John came in a home. His mother pulled him out there again and lived A few years in Paris. in 1960, she returned to Berlin. The actor has never met his father. John took private acting lessons and made his debut at the Schillertheater in Berlin in 1971. He played in theatres in Berlin, Heidelberg, Hanover and Krefeld, appearing in numerous TV movies and most recently in the film Ruby (2012). . Main facts can be read clicking the following url.


Military operation in Somalia – drone attack: use flies United States radical Al-Shabaab militia.

The U.S. armed forces to respond to the car bomb attack on a secret service building in Mogadishu. Last night, the U.S. military flew a Drohenangriff against the radical Islamic Al-Shabaab militia in Somalia. Several people were killed. According to the Pentagon the US armed forces made a bet against the radical Islamic Shebab militia in Somalia on Monday. We evaluate the results of this operation, so Kirby. The Al-Schabaab militia is the extremist organization Al-Kaidanahe. It wants to enforce its own strict interpretation of Islamic law in Somalia. The Somali Government is trying to pacify the African country with international help after decades of civil war and anarchy. Somali Government soldiers and troops of the African Union (AU) had launched a new military offensive against the Islamist militia on the weekend and it conquered the city Bulomarer, one of the strongholds of the Shebab in the South of the country. On Sunday, Shebab fighters then attacked the intelligence headquarters in the capital, Mogadishu. Twelve people were killed, including seven Shebab fighters. According to the Somali authorities have militants attacked an intelligence building in the capital of Mogadishu three days ago. They would have detonated a car bomb and used firearms, said on Sunday from circles of the secret service and the police. Seven attackers were killed in subsequent fighting. Whether there were also casualties among the security forces, remained open. Also underground cells where suspected militants are detained police circles that are in the building. Apparently, the liberation of these prisoners had been the target of the attack. The radical Islamic Al-Schabaab militia said she had attacked the building. . For more data regarding this topic visit article.


40 per cent of fewer trips: taxi parts worth.

Carlo Ratti of MIT of technology (MIT) has calculated the potential benefits of taxi sharing Institute in Cambridge now together with colleagues. Result: up to 40 per cent of journeys were saved. Special taxi-sharing model used by the researchers: Travel would be extended for both passengers only to two and a half minutes each. But they could divide the fare, report the researchers in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences taxis are a vital part of the urban transport system and they contribute greatly to the volume of traffic and air pollution, which has significant adverse effects on human health, explains Ratti. Although the proposal of taxi sharing was older, authorities, residents and other stakeholders had shown restraint in implementing so far. Therefore, Ratti and his team, their study expresses well the benefit in numbers. In the model the scientists, there are two poles: on the one hand divide as many routes as possible. On the other hand, the downside of the taxi-sharing is to be kept as low as possible. This concerns especially the longer run time when passengers in slightly different places and get off. Their model Ratti and colleagues tested on real data of more than 150 million trips, 2011 by taxi drivers in the New York Borough of Manhattan completed. The program identified those rides that are suited best for taxi-sharing it. Researchers determined theoretically the dates, starting places and destinations could allows to form carpools, 94.5 percent of all tours. This would mean that the number of journeys by up to 47 percent could fall. . Inspirational data may be read checking the following web site.


Unemployment: Rebsamen seeks employment to strengthen controls.

The Minister of labour, François Rebsamen, asked Tuesday to Pôle Emploi strengthen controls to verify that the unemployed seek although a job, believing that a sanction was necessary otherwise. I ask to Pôle emploi strengthen controls to check that people are good looking a job, he said on i-Tele. Must be that at one point, there is a penalty, he added. Asked about the difficulty to fill certain positions, valued at 350. 000, and on the possibility of changing the rules for unemployment compensation, François Rebsamen recalled as being unemployed within the meaning of the international labour office is looking for work. It is negative for those looking for jobs to be next to people seeking employment, so I ask job to strengthen controls. This mission, within the reach of Pole job, according to the Minister, requires a different mindset, of the convocations and the vérifications(,.) Otherwise it is cancelled. It is not possible, in a country that is in difficulty, who wants to recover, which brings the work to have people seeking employment, he added, stating that there were but that it was not the majority. François Rebsamen however nuanced his remarks highlighting wage and fitness problems faced by some unemployed which are supposed to address priority training put in place by the Government. Saturday, the Labour Minister acknowledged a failure in unemployment since the beginning of the quinquennium of François Holland, the number of jobseekers without activity in metropolitan France reaching the record of 3,424 million after nine months of consecutive increase. Concerning the work of Sunday, François Rebsamen, reaffirmed the principle of Sunday rest, specifying the mode of reform, orders or Bill, had not yet arrested by the Government. Recalling that it knew very well the balance of jobs created and destroyed by the Sunday work, François Rebsamen expressed support exceptions, derogations from this principle of Sunday rest. It is necessary to define precisely the criteria (,.) in ultra-touristiques areas, it would not shock me provided that there is for employees compensation and voluntary, he added. Asked about the Government’s plan to proceed by orders on this subject, François Rebsamen assured that the debate would take place and that the legislative vehicle had not been arrested. I do not know if it will take the form of orders, I see Emmanuel Macron (Minister of economy, Editor’s note) this week, the principle was not arrested, said the Minister of labour. Invited to clarify the Government’s position on the thorny issue of the Sunday work, François Rebsamen replied: in its major routes, this is the Bailly. We will not repeat a report which was approved in its overwhelming majority, by all the social partners who have had the opportunity to express themselves, he said. Commissioned by the former Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, the report delivered by the ex-boss of La Poste, Jean-Claude Bailly in December 2013 calls for more flexibility concerning the opening of Sunday shopping, with notably the increase in the number of Sundays permitted, which would thus increase from five to twelve. Friday, the Government had indicated that it would resort to orders for the Bill on growth, especially on the Sunday rest. This procedure allows to legislate without having to discuss the detail of the text, in Exchange for an agreement on a general approach and limit the time granted to the debate. Fearing a generalization without consultation of Sunday work, trade unions and politicians from left criticized the procedure, denouncing a denial of democracy. . Similar info can be found checking fact.


Dear Orwell.

What does a writer like me in a country like this would be the key question since the pro-independence nationalism of the catalan Government has raised their Warrior flags against the Catalans that we not share communion with the prevailing ideology of sovereign. I would prefer not having to do so, dear Orwell, in order to not waste my poetic power, only happiness to which I aspire, and be bridged this inaccurate rarity forever. But the times of the home we live in my small country, where separatist politicians and followers Bugles censor and suppress everything not be anointed patriotic wake, force me to discuss, for example, the naturalness of a Catalan writer who wrote in Spanish, and sometimes also in catalan, because catalan is the world in which my books and Catalan are born the story of my multiple countrydifferent, with two blessed languages, catalan and Spanish, belonging to me completely. . You must read the following to learn more regarding this great topic.


A test of the brand’s inside: Dax welcomes the September.

There is not great impulses meant a market participant with a view to the start of the week. Trading volumes are expected to remain low in the afternoon because of a holiday in the United States (Labour Day). Technically-minded observers believe the German market despite slight upside potential. Is a test of the 9500er brand, said a dealer prior to IPO. Ahead of the ECB meeting on Thursday but the demand is to prevail, they said. Other important decisions have already been: the Finnish company Nokia has made the resurgence in the Eurostoxx50 and there supplanted CRH shares at the closing price of 19 September. The rise is likely pushing the Nokia share. Because on the Eurostoxx50 index over 100 billion passive capital align according to estimates in the market, money, that is for example in ETFs. Thus, the Eurostoxx50 is the most important benchmark in Europe, it includes the biggest singles of the euro zone. With the entry in the late summer on the stock exchange, analysts of LBBW opened the round of forecasts to the course perspectives on the Dax. The experts of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) expanded its forecast horizon according to own on The end of the coming year and accordingly adapted their model. . Root source could be studied reading this


Responses to Putin’s call: “The Ukraine has no future”.

Two statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the undeclared war with the Ukraine have particularly noticed in the last few days: a the formulation of the "new Russia Landsturm"; then it went to military successes for the separatist cause. On the other hand the demand at Kiev, to enter into talks about the "rule of law" of Eastern Ukraine. Putin’s spokesman Dmitrij Peskow rowed briefly to back both times. However, now more than ever is speculation Which one Putin in the Ukraine the objectives of his military operation further undisclosed endeavours. Does he want a land bridge in the Crimea? A "New Russia" Pufferquasistaat transnistrischem model for the separatists supported by Russia for months? Or he wants to stir up just further chaos in the Ukraine, avoid at all costs, that the revolution in the neighboring country will be a success? Also in Russia, no one knows exactly what has Putin. Therefore ask Russian newspapers of all sorts of experts on this topic. FAZ. NET has put together A few votes. Particularly starkly Sergej Glasjew, who serves as economic adviser to Putin, but speaks mostly less economic, but political, preferably by violence policy expressed, also in the "RBC daily". He said the Ukraine had no future President Petro Poroschenko lead his country "to the death". It is difficult to predict, who survive. The Crimea have survived so far. "We hope that also the Donbass survived." This Monday the contact group of Russia, Ukraine and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe meets in Minsk again. Putin said on Monday in a brief dialogue with a British journalist visiting a Museum from the start of a "Very much important negotiation process". . Main source could be read reading the following web site.


Berlin and Hamburg: Much ado about German Olympic bid.

Just ten months after the failed vote of citizens on Olympics in Munich both towns To want imagine 2024 or 2028 their concepts for a possible Olympic bid for the games on Monday. We are pleased at the DOSB Very much about the enthusiasm that quite obviously still raises the subject of Olympics in Germany, said DOSB President Alfons Hörmann of dpa news agency. We are at the beginning of a long journey of just at the beginning of the switch position is extremely important and should be as precise and well-planned. With a definitive decision whether, when, and with Which one city to Germany when the IOC Olympic Games apply, is No more to be expected this year. Also on the DOSB general meeting on 6 December in Dresden going to likely therefore, to save time and for the first time with two applications continue to tread the path. Especially since the great reform plans of the IOC in the future Olympic candidates play an important role at an extraordinary General Assembly on 8 and December 9 in Monte Carlo, so only after the sport-political meeting in Dresden, will be rubber-stamped. At the earliest in the autumn 2015 an expression of interest should be submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Plenty of time for both cities to prepare for the previously announced decisions of citizens. Should be currently 73 percent approval among the Hamburg population, such a major event, not only because of the airport fiasco seems much harder place in Berlin. According to a Forsa survey, only a narrow majority of 52 percent welcomed the ambitious project. The Olympic opponents have long formed in both cities, the total operating costs for the games are in both cases at almost two billion euros. . For extended on this subject check


Austerity in Europe: critical questions for Mario Draghi.

Draghi was in the telephone conversation apparently cannot be defined. He pointed out that he had reminded also the structural reforms of the debt States in his speech. Could therefore be no question of a change of course. Same message to have submitted to Draghi in a phone call on Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Even if the President of the ECB to Merkel and Schäuble pacified, his words are in the world. Obviously, his worries about the European economy has become so great that he considers expensive growth programmes necessary, to comply with a strict austerity. This could mean that he would loosen the requirements against Italy and France, without immediately questioning the euro stability pact. He probably gladly would it if came from Germany, to support the tentacular countries more money. Merkel it is difficult to hold out their austerity in Europe. There you can access ever to the listener. . You must read the following page to discover extra regarding this amazing subject.