Those suspected of paedophilia in Granada acted as a sect.

The complainant (the proceedings are secret and only has transcended his complaint, though it is possible that there is more) decided to tell their sufferings after the clear pronouncement of the Vatican, made in April this year, in the sense that there would be zero against paedophilia tolerance. Initially, he recounted his sufferings to the charge of the Archdiocese of Granada, and to see that nothing was done, we opted to write to the Pope. What I didn’t expect is Francisco called him in person to ask you for forgiveness. The Pope defined what happened as "a grave sin and a serious offense", and also announced that there are people working to ensure that responsibilities are depurasen. He was referring to the Archdiocese of Granada, which had been set to open an investigation. This was limited to move his offices to only 3 of the 10 priests involved. Rome was considered insufficient measures and, weeks later, the Pope returned to call the complainant expressing their uneasiness about the actions of those responsible of the Archdiocese. This second call reported yesterday cited religious portal. The Vatican has called chapter Sunday in Rome to the Archbishop of Granada, Francisco Javier Martínez, who yesterday attended a meeting of the Conference of bishops, which was the center of attention in Madrid. Among the main ones involved, is a diocese charge related to legal Affairs, according to the cited sources. . For additional information on this subject click source.


The celebrity birthdays from November 20, 2014: Florian David Fitz.

With the tragicomedy, Vincent wants to sea Fitz, who today is 40, came out big four years ago. In it, he embodies a young man suffering from Tourette’s syndrome who escapes from a mental hospital in the direction of Italy together with two other patients. The role of him not only a Bambi award introduced in the category of best actor, but also the German movie award Lola and the Bavarian film award for the screenplay, which he wrote. He at once can hold at least three balls in the air, he showed then 2012: Jesus loves me in the romantic comedy he took the male lead role, provided the script and was also ranked the Director’s Chair. At present is to see Fitz in a road movie. In which prominent ensemble film and occupied and away about a month ago in the cinemas is underway, he plays the ALS patients of Hannes, who goes with his wife and friends on bike tour along with Julia Koschitz and Jürgen Vogel, Hannelore Elsner. The aim of the group is Belgium, where Hannes – his companion initially don’t know what – wants to seek medical attention, which is designed to actively help him die. Fitz wanted to initially become after graduating from composer or painter born and raised in Munich. He went to the United States, where he studied singing and acting until 1998 at the Boston Conservatory and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Afterwards, he moved to New York, where he wanted to work as an actor, what should succeed him but not quite. Back from the United States, he toured for a while with the Rocky Horror Picture show through Europe and debuted in 1999 as a guest in the series of der Bulle von Tölz in the film. He then worked in the television series fucking in love and first cinema productions. Fitz was awarded for the role of Berlin Kreuzberg record store owner who my crazy Turkish wedding in a young Turkish woman in love with the comedy, 2006 a Grimme prize. For the hospital series of doctor’s diary doctor, the heart-throb as a machohafter resident Marc Meier faced the camera. RTL wanted to continue (2010) the series after the third season, what regrets Fitz. But he hope a film, as he said in interviews. . For extended insights about this matter visit


Crime: that hide the Government figures.

The data we publish are extracted from the last balance sheet of the national Observatory of delinquency and criminal responses (ONDRP), a reference, which enjoys little to toast the politeness statistical reporting by Matignon and Beauvau. And this despite its despite repeated warnings about the dangers of risky comparisons of figures reflecting of elsewhere that crime recorded by the police and, therefore, the activity of the police and gendarmerie rather than actual crime. This institution will publish, for its part, its own figures in October that in a few days. For the time being, revealed in its latest assessment on twelve months slippery (October 2013 to September 2014) should encourage Manuel Valls and Bernard Cazeneuve caution. Because if the topic of the crimes against property gives, here and there, encouraging signs, with a decrease in flights with violence 5% and 6% on the side of police side mounted, not nefarious violence (excluding flight), on the other hand, those which reflect the violence inherent in society, in the street, the family circle or school, climb inexorably. Thus recorded offences mass consists of "non-fatal assault and battery", at a rate of 135. 000 offences recorded by the police against 61. 000 by the marechaussee in twelve months. For those who are ‘followed by death’, they increased from 41 to 56% in one year! Either some 50 additional deaths. What could certify a worsening of violence not only in number but also in intensity. Criminologist Alain Bauer, that it cannot be suspected of wanting to bring a bad trial to Matignon host, which it is close, says unvarnished: "lots of violence are linked to the overall atmosphere. People no longer have confidence in the institutions and settle their accounts themselves. "To hear him,"there are people who vote with their feet and others with their fists’. Without excusing this violence, he explained through a fault of the public response: "how to continue with political criminal and safe at this point disagree? ” This is the question of the criminal response which poses problem in France, in his eyes. That is her look in the topic of so-called ‘free’ violence, where red flashing. Sexual violence increased according to zones, 5-8%, kidnapping of 27% in area police, with more than 2000 cases per year, threats and blackmail by 13% in zone gendarmerie. . Additional text can be found reading


Rising unemployment, decline in the standard of living: the middle classes are in danger of extinction?

Julien DAMON: Absolutely not. In all the debates on the middle classes the first problem is that of their definitions. It is more possible. They fall within a logic of "neither nor. The middle classes are neither rich nor poor. They work in occupations which are neither the direction of companies, or of implementing tasks (these are the famous ‘intermediate categories’). They live in neighborhoods that are neither posh nor disadvantaged. These approaches "or neither" are not necessarily overlapping, far from it. There is another approach, in terms of feeling. Individuals are asked if they believe belong to the middle class. And each is, subjectively, in these various "or neither. And in France, since 40 years that studies are conducted on the question you always about two French three (as has headlined it Valérie Giscard d’Estaing for one of his books) who self-declare as belonging to this central category of the middle classes. In fact, there is a certain relatively recent erosion of this opinion. Just as you measure, objectively a compaction and even down – specifically between 2011 and 2012 – the level of average life and the median standard of living. It is therefore a matter of and little recent erosion of the middle class. But they are absolutely not disappearing. They are certainly, by their various neither, nor, in most worrying situations in period of low growth and high unemployment. They are not quite poor to benefit from social assistance and certain targeted social security benefits (housing, CMU, RSA benefits, etc.) and not rich enough to benefit from tax cuts. From middle classes of the public sector do not really know increased difficulties. Is not necessarily the same in the case of middle class from the private sector. Moreover, about inequality, they burrowed more between public and private that between rich and poor. Inequalities remain limited in France, but they are transformed. In times of rising unemployment they weigh more heavily on the private sector. It is a fact. It is another fact: the France dislikes inequality and even when they continue to shrink it hammers that they explode. Thus, in this recent and remarkable table proposed by INSEE, it is very explicitly clarified the new measures of socio-fiscale legislation, in 2013, "led to a slight decrease in inequalities in living standards. But such an outcome is the result of an increase of direct levies charged to households, households of the middle classes in particular. The France remains a very egalitarian country and whose socio-fiscal system compensates the inequality and poverty. Certainly imperfect, because according to the various point of view, social protection is too costly or poorly organized. Data analyses of the OECD, with those of INSEE, to underline that the France is unique. Its social system is a powerful crisis buffer, which can be resumed damper. In any event, the France has not experienced the blast that may have been aware of countries as diverse as the United Kingdom, Cyprus, the Spain or the Greece. Thence inequalities and poverty truly and powerfully increased with the crisis. But it is has sometimes taken in these countries, which is not the case in France,. About the middle classes, another large country of middle classes are the United States. There there are powerful destabilization of these central categories of the population, with drop (for 10 years!) the level of median life and the average standard of living for a decade. With jobs competed by Robotics and new organizations that were put in place with the digital revolution. The United States therefore lived for many years a powerful crisis of inequality and middle classes. This embarrassment (to put it mildly) American middle classes largely explains the recent defeat of the Democrats. Remains that from 2012 to 2013, the median standard of living and the average standard of living are divided on the rise. To caricature you could say that the France is now entering a phase of "demoyennisation" (destabilization of the middle classes) when the United States could begin to emerge. The prospect is worrying. However, it would be wrong to say that poverty is progressing: it has actually not really progressed since 20 years. She even dropped in the 1970-1980s and stabilized between 13% and 14% of the population. The rate has continued to decline, for example, between 2011 and 2012. The surprising decrease is linked to the employee indicator. It is function of the median income. However as the median standard of living has declined, poverty has fallen and therefore the rate of poverty. It is quite absurd, but the selected indicator is down when problems (increase in the level of unemployment, decline of living standards) are on the rise! It is well possible methodological refinements. The inventiveness of the experts has no limit. But, basically, the indicator most commonly used is that of the relative monetary poverty. And movements, since fifteen years, are in a poverty that evolves between 13% and 15% of the population. We have still more accurate and detailed information. If we take exactly what says the INSEE, in 2012, 8.5 million people live below the poverty line, set at 60% of the median standard of living. This threshold is set in 2012 at 987 euros per month. The poverty rate thus amounts to 13.9% of the population, or a decrease of 0.4 point compared with 2011 after a period of growth began in 2009. The problem for this indicator as to the French situation is that when the country impoverished globally, the number of poor, measured relatively, decreases. Personally I am so be very simply defined poverty because, first, I think that very few people includes those cases sophisticated levels and standards of living. Then a simple orientation: the poor are 10% (or 5% less wealthy). Here, everyone can understand. And every year there is evolution negative or positive of the living conditions of these households (debt levels, housing conditions, dependence on social benefits, employment status, etc.). It would be more useful that is crimping the bun on the small declines or small increases in poverty rates. And it would be understandable,. The city’s policy is not a policy of all cities (all are not affected) or of the entire city (it is disadvantaged neighbourhoods). A new breakdown of these so-called disadvantaged neighbourhoods ‘priority areas’ is underway. It appears that some rather affluent urban areas in terms of income of persons domiciled (but which may experience other problems than monetary poverty only) will no longer be in this priority geography. Other jurisdictions, more rural, will join and benefit from special procedures of intervention. But this is absolutely not to say that we are witnessing a great transformation. Countdown to a speech that explains that poverty is first peri, it appears, with these data INSEE, that it is in the city that poverty is concentrated. Previously there was a rural poverty, it is urbanized and, more specifically, concentrated. A figure shown. On average in France, one in five children is poor. What does it mean? This means that 20% of children live in households counted as poor. This rate is 50% (one child in two) in priority neighbourhoods which remain essentially urban. The study which has just been published is very accurate and detailed the situation in cities over 20,000 inhabitants, and in contrast to works published last year, does not take account of asylum seekers. It takes to a response to your question, passed by the results and analyses that the INSEE published in 2013. It’s data from its second major survey in a decade, on the homeless. The Institute has, for 2012, 141 500 people homeless (is, indeed, an increase of almost 50% in ten years, even if the comparison between surveys is complicated). What is a homeless? A person is said to be homeless if she spent the night in a place not intended for habitation (referred to as homeless), or if she spent the night in a shelter for homeless service. It must therefore distinguish the situation of people supported (more or less well, more or less completely), and that of people completely homeless, i.e. Street. These correspond to the highly visible image that there are homeless people in public spaces. In 2001 as in 2012, these homeless people account for about a tenth of the population of the homeless. There are 100,000 homeless in France, in 2001 as in 2012, but a few thousand in 2001, more than 10,000 in 2012. This is not to minimize the outrageous nature of the problem in a rich country. It is back to its actual proportion. The INSEE surveys, well beyond the counts (on which focuses the attention), are important to understand the situation of the homeless in terms of housing, family structure, of course, as social rights. However the emphasis is too often put – INSEE experts deplore it long – on the figure. INSEE, fully aware of the risk, published a figure that will quickly become the figure. It corresponds to a population in situations in fact very varied, ranging from households accommodated in ‘normal’ dwellings but funded by the Government through associations to isolated individuals living for several years in the street. The density of problems, familial forms, routes do not have much to see. And the digit will often be used to refer to the case of homeless only giving this serious problem an intensity that it did not. Gold 2012 figures show that among the homeless, people actually homeless are minority. The two main drivers of the increase, for the period that goes from 2001 to 2012, are, on the one hand, growth in the supply of services (who see so more people pass by more subsidised housing and accommodation), and immigration (e.g. asylum application). Indeed, aliens are, in 2012, majority (53%) among the homeless (they accounted for 38% of the homeless in 2001). 45% of homeless people (the street so full) and 73 per cent of the homeless welcomed at the hotel are French-speaking foreigners. Subsequent operations of the survey, with data on francophone foreigners, will refine these proportions. But the data is there. If she can lend to many interpretations, a fundamental observation is needed. The topic of the homeless, now fully connected to that of asylum-seekers and undocumented, is to be treated at the European level. It is at this scale that can develop policies for balancing and obligations between the different countries of the Union. Because of the homeless is certainly a social question, but is also fully a migration issue. Historically the wandering took place and manage local territory. It can now be managed at national scales if the borders are open and freely permitted. . Original facts may be found visiting this


Primary left to 2017: an idea that makes his way among Socialists.

The idea of a primary left before 2017, an assumption so far largely taboo since it does not François Holland the inevitable candidate, made his way among Socialists and the proposal by Thierry Mandon to organize this consultation resulted in an echo some, but variously appreciated. Assuming Tuesday night required a such primary extended to radicals, environmentalists and all those who wish to participate, the Secretary?State reform of l?State provoked disorder. This is the first time that a member of the Government is expressed publicly for such a scenario. So far, the question of a primary for the PS had been raised mainly by the left wing of the party. But is not primary when an incumbent president will! launched again late August the Minister of labour, François Rebsamen, a close associate of François Holland. For Thierry Mandon, the time is accelerating in this mid-term while François Holland lies for months at levels historically low in the polls and the presidential deadlines looming on the horizon. The obsession that the SP candidate is eliminated in the second round for the benefit of those of the right and the national Front is noticeable for several weeks in the Socialist majority. If not primary left, warns so Mr. Mahadevan, do you mean that you decrease the forces, the capabilities of the left to be present in the second round of the presidential election. The president of the National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, reiterated that he was favourable to a joint bid of Socialists and environmentalists for the presidential election, while judging inappropriate a primary if François Holland was candidate to his succession. -’ Meet the left the presidential’ – Olivier Faure, spokesman of the PS, was however more open to this idea. François Hollande will be candidate if he succeeds. If he succeeds, by construction, no other socialist will be want to stand against him. So we need to organise primaries, not the only PS and radicals, but of the whole of the left, to stand United in the first round of the presidential election and maintain all chances to be in the second round, he argued. For the leader of the Socialist deputies, Bruno Le Roux, it is imperative also that the left arrives in the presidential. But the idea of primary, he qualified, I overrides the project idea. I am for a gathering around a project, the primary is not necessarily required. Christian Paul, one of the tenors of the left wing of the PS to the Assembly, was enthusiastic in contrast. The primaries can give the momentum when we get in an election, he said, and since the right has decided to do, I believe that it would be difficult to understand for the French that there be not also primaries left. On the side of the environmentalists partners, we resolutely welcomes the proposal by Thierry Mandon. The left must consider doing so, bringing together all those who do not want to see the left eliminated from the presidential election, it is today the issue, explained the co-Chair of MEPs environmentalists, François de Rugy. The leader of the radical left, Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg members, said for his part that the PRG would participate in such a wider primary and would be a candidate. The great unknown remains whether if François Holland will present for the elections in 2017. The president of the Republic has already said that it would not if the fight against unemployment was not beginning to bear fruit. François Hollande has a natural vocation to be candidate, assured however still late October Manuel Valls. Senator PS Luc Carvounas, a close associate of the Prime Minister, is even more emphatic: there be no primary left for François Holland will be candidate to his succession. . Extended data can be read reading reference.


«The Oranian»: sad tomorrows independence *.

Awarded to the French Angoulême international Comics Festival of the award for best actor for Lyes Salem, who is also Director of the film, "the Oranian" is an as politically incorrect as important work. She tells the trajectory of two friends, Hamid and Dolph, «Odihili», having delivered fight for the independence of the Algeria, in the aftermath of their victory. Hamid (Khaled Benaissa) became a notable, small political Lord and wheeler-dealer who is not choking with morality. Dolph, income of the maquis with a label of heroes of the revolution, is stunned when he learns that everyone had been hiding: the death of his wife, Yasmine, French, murdered by french soldiers. Their child, Bashir, was saved. Blond and white skin, it will grow in a setting of memories injured, financial trafficking and mafia violence. Impeccable actors «The Oranian» is rising to the surface the issue of identity. By Bashir, but also that of the Algeria décolonialisée, delivered to herself forced to new reflexes to find Cape Town, train technicians for its industry, leaders for its economy. In short, an Algeria taken by surprise by his new freedom and is still rocking refrains of the fight: "we were volcanoes.  "Las! Volcanoes have a taste of ash and Lyes Salem, through the prism of a real spectacle of cinema, a layout scene worked and accomplished, delivers a film that will fit not to grids formatted history. He said that, even buoyed by a sense of justice, nothing is ever all white or all black in the great struggles. And that disillusionment is the guest of honour at the biggest venue. The actors are impeccable. Among them, Sabrina Ouazani, disarmingly natural, beauty and talent. VIDEO. «The Oranian», the coup de coeur cine of the Parisian drama Algerian Lyes Salem, Lyes Salem, Khaled Benaissa, Djemel Barek, Amal Kateb, Sabrina Wazzani,. Duration: 2 h 8. * A little * much * passionately ° not at all. You must check this to read extra on this amazing matter.


Suicide, depression: Finally of the figures on the plight of transsexuals.

A matter of a group of young people – but you’re a boy or a girl? -followed by strokes, which rained down. This is the story that makes Karine Espiñeira, person shemale of his aggression a few years ago. Become PhD in information and communication sciences, she worked with sociologist Arnaud Alessandrin on the first study exclusively dedicated to transphobia, entitled Mission transphobia. Metronews reveals previewed this Committee Idaho France and Republic and diversity association report which will be presented Thursday to the city of Paris, on the occasion of the international day of remembrance trans. Not easy being "trans" in 2014: almost 85% 281 persons interviewed through questionnaires relayed by associations, say having suffered an action of transphobic. And this is often not a unique case: 37% of respondents indicate underwent more than five times, such acts. Insults (59%), shots (13%), harassment (27%), discrimination (60%): the characteristics of this transphobia are numerous and occur mostly in the street (for more than 50% of cases) but also in private contexts (family, for nearly one-third of respondents) or at work (33%). The consequences of this intolerance are "dramatic", and the figures are according to Karine Espiñeira, without appeal: indeed almost 20% of respondents declare having attempted suicide and nearly 60% depression. A significant part of them (15%) has also suffered physical attacks resulting in a temporary interruption of work (ITT) longer than four days, You must read the following to read more on this amazing matter.


French jihadis: the exaggerations of Marine Le Pen with a magnifying glass.

Last June, Marine Le Pen explained, with a touch of condescension, that Islamic fundamentalism does not grow in Normandy Prairie. A fa is for the pr Chair of the national Front to point the link, empty eyes, between mass immigration and radical islam. A fa is also to deny the new modes of recruitment of Jihad and the diversity of the profiles of these new converts. Almost six months later, the identification Maxime Hauchard Monday, among the jihadists with d capit Peter Kassig and 18 other hostages somewhat weakens its pr presentation. Whether the young man is n in a meadow, but it is indeed originating in,. Normandy. However, this Wednesday, Marine Le Pen persist and sign. E use on South radio, about its considering antenna operations pass on the Norman topography, Marine Le Pen has r torqu: facts absolutely give me reason. Stop your cin ma. When I say that the fundamentalists will not grow in Normandy Prairie, is that this is not a sui generis production. Obviously, the massive immigration has been the breeding ground of the development of Islamic fundamentalism in our country. The Chairman of the national Front pr will m further, contradicting me the figures of the Ministry of the Interior: ago today according to intelligence 4. Fran ais 000 who went to do Jihad. Not 1. 000, but 4. 000 Fran ais. Problem me: the only figures coming out officially of the French intelligence services, are those communiqu s this week by the Ministry of Interior and resumed Int by the Parquet de Paris and the Attorney Fran ois Molins. They do tat, end of November, a total of 1132 Fran ais variously s involved in the fili res jihadists. Among them, 376 nationals fran ais would be on box, it-is – say on of th very operation in Syria or Iraq. And on the forefront of 376 jihadists, anti-terrioristes services r United 88 women and a dozen minors. It is therefore far from the figure advanced by Marine Le Pen in knowingly. It d clare actually rely on unofficial sources and therefore not identifi es within the services. According to Marine Le Pen, the nationals exclusively French (and therefore not binational), in other words these famous converted, it may be, but they will remain anecdotal in number compared to the figures which are me s donn by (.) . . ) the counter-terrorism services, ensures the pr Chair of the FN. It is unknown what the patron saint of the FN meant by anecdotal, but l still, its output is formally d lied by official statistics, as well as by the r recent news. None of the two executioners fran ais formally s identifi Monday were t s lev in Muslim tradition. Maxime Hauchard, and Micha l Dos Santos, each 22 years, are all two converted on the later. Or according to intelligence, l still s relay by the Ministry of the Interior and the Parquet de Paris, far from anecdotal tre, the share of French converted Islam reached r recently some 21% of the s recens jihadists. Contact by L’Express, a source at the Ministry of the Interior confirmed m me a digit to l g re, nearest 23% increase from today. Net sales reached m me 29% for 88 women hired are in combat zones, advance this Wednesday our res Newsroom in the world. They stress that this proportion is found also when considering the profile of the Fran ais 49 who have found death in Syria in recent months. Among them, more than one fifth me were of converts. Less and less. According to our Newsroom res world, if Al-Qaeda s bank mainly of the young men from the working-class districts, State Islamic op re today tr s diff differently. Daesh recruits among all layers of the population and almost all of the territory. The evening daily d number 83 d departments on the 101 in the country, touch s by name ph No. Paris, Yvelines, the Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, North, Bas-Rhin, the HR does and the Alpes-Maritimes are certainly fertile ground with respectively more than 80 candidates for Jihad s identifi. But some mathematics embl cases such as normand Hauchard are reminding the g geographic origins and social of candidates for martyrdom are no longer sufficient alone explain the d rive jihadist. � . You can click the following website to learn extra on this interesting subject.


With Harley Pasternak in shape even after the 1970s. See under Jane Fonda.

(La Presse)-chiseled physique, Russian sources and a food and fitness program that has conquered Hollywood. Harley Pasternak is today one of the most popular personal trainer from star, who rely on him to get back in shape after pregnancy, a period of defects or to address the most important film or a demanding tour. In an interview granted to the makeup artist Bobbi Brown, Pasternak reveals the secrets that have made miracles on Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Megan Fox. Critical of trendy diets, like the Paleo or one made from centrifugally cast, the nutritionist offers a method that is based on scientific studies and that, even if it does not lose weight with the magic wand, gives long-lasting results. Directions on what to bring to the table are quite simple: every meal, "says Pasternak-should include proteins, fibers derived from grains or fruits and non-starchy vegetables at will. This is the Holy Trinity of good health. Eleven years of University studies and a past as a doctor of nutrition for the Department of Defense, Pasternak attacks the false prophets of diets that fill tv programs and libraries. Almost none of those people has a university education. There are bestselling authors that at most listened to a 90 minute lesson at school. Its food program, followed with great results even from Rihanna, also provides two free meals a week in which everyone, without exaggeration, can give free rein to their greedy desires. If the most popular thing is a Margarita or glass of wine concedeteveli as well. The rest of the meals must exclude consumption of alcohol, not so much for the high caloric rate as for his biochemical impact on the liver. The results achieved with the star Pasternak is very proud, but is there any celebrity who has given him more satisfaction. A few examples? Halle Berry in ‘ Catwoman ‘, Seth Rogen in ‘ The Green Hornet ‘, Robert Pattinson in ‘ Twilight ‘. Megan Fox has just had her second child and is now even more in the form of a time. Right now I’m working with Behati Prinsloo, one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret. How do you let her have a better body? It’s a challenge, but she now is firmer than ever. I coach even her husband Adam Levine and I think it’s very nice when couples work together. In his book of celebrities could not certainly miss Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, one of my closest friends, an amazing person. The program is aimed at people Pasternak young and who has passed, and, for some fifty years. The athlete and nutritionist has indeed found to coach, with different exercises, both Miley Cyrus that Jane Fonda. When you become older adults don’t have to make big efforts, but work better. Resistance exercises are paramount, a sort of fountain of eternal youth. There is no need to run like the wind, just don’t sit trying to walk as much as possible even to go get coffee or to climb stairs without elevator. All very correct. All very healthy. But Harley Pasternak has its Achilles ‘ heel: a chocolate biscuit full of fat that is in the Café downstairs. Sometimes not resist, but then I know that I don’t have to stop for a moment to atone for this Sin so sweet. Marco Romani. Root data may be read reading this


Putin: German-Russian cheese fondue.

While not benign heads of State and Government speeches gave each other, later quoted in history books, sit members of both States by forums and friendship groups in the backrooms and stir with the fondue forks in the cheese pot and laugh and are left out, because nothing of what you are doing, if it goes well, will have far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile just a part of the Ukraine will be conquered and annexed by good old war method of Russia or separatists on Ukrainian territory of Russia are supported. And now? Must you place the fondue forks to the side, drink a strong shot and position themselves. Let’s try to understand Matthias Platzeck, without tagging him in the usual rhetoric. Nobody takes part in german Russian friendship circles usually, who previously, no matter whether Russian or German, a name has made itself as critics or opponents of Russian policy. It is therefore by no means original, Matthias Platzeck, who currently is a politician without a mandate, distributed advice on the policy from the german Russian plush chair out, which can be essentially summarised: Putin’s policy for the Crimea accept and legalize. Of love the International Association peace sake, sake, toward peace in the war zones. But what’s with the proverb is: is the wiser? Who’s the wiser? Germany? The Ukraine? The Crimean Tatars? And what about the other embattled Ukrainian regions? If one accepts what did Putin on the Crimea, you then also accepted what separatists in Donetsk held? And when is the end of the legalization of war achieved? And why is someone smart in this matter? If one may believe the intellectuals held an incredible propaganda in the media. How can you be smart with manipulated press? And why has Platzeck not three days previously made known his opinion, but only when the Chancellor on the G-20 Summit showed Putin light approaches of rigor? Is the timing of his intervention not abundant clumsy? Or wanted? You pushed him in his german Russian fondue circle, to intervene immediately? And what are the citizens who are not separatists? What’s the matter with the Ukrainian society? Should you not better try to understand the nationalism of the citizens and find a remedy, instead of yielding to everywhere? Questions about questions. Is anyone clever out of anything?. You must visit this to discover more about this great subject.