An elected official FN, converted to islam, suspended from the party.

An elected representative of the national Front in Seine-Saint-Denis, recently converted to islam, was suspended by his party, which reproached him for having made proselytizing by sending a video on islam to officials of the FN.  Maxence Buttey, municipal councillor in Noisy-le-Grand, has been suspended on an interim basis, told the AFP Jordan Bardella, departmental Secretary of the FN in Seine-Saint-Denis, confirming information of le Parisien.  According to Jordan Bardella, the elected has, by his attitude, exceeded a limit. It is not religion that is in question but he did openly proselytize by sending a video that bragged islam. He came out of the private sphere, he said. Elected last March, Maxence Buttey, 22 years old, firmly denies the charges of his party and prefers to explain to AFP that he sent this video to explain his conversion.  According to him, this video was sent to ten frames during an exchange of emails and presents scientific miracles, of which some were predicted in the Quran, he says.  Face the misunderstanding on my choice, I wanted to explain to me, to show another image of this religion. Islam, this is not Jihad, says this student in converted law since July, grateful however have made a bad choice by spreading this video. There has been behavior proselyte within the confines of the party, held Saturday the vice-president of the national Front, Florian Philippot, during a trip to le Blanc-Mesnil devoted to politics by the national Front in 93.  Religion is not the case of the party because we defend secularism. But then, we left the field of personal belief and faith. A political party is not the place for it, he continued.  A conflicts Committee will meet late November to transparency and that everyone can express themselves, said Mr Philippot. Suspended temporarily, the Councillor, Secretary of one of the 12 districts of the Department, could then be excluded from the national Front. . For additional information about this matter read hyperlink.


Münster: Astronauts and war grave nurses honored.

A trio of astronauts with the German Thomas Reiter, the Russian Pavel Vinogradov and American Michael Lopez-Alegria the prize on Saturday in the Town Hall Ballroom accepted. WDR Director Tom Buhrow gave the laudation on the crew of the international space station. The ISS is not only the absolute will to tangible progress, but also the will to peace, said Buhrow. If on this outpost of humankind Russians, Americans and Germans live together not only peaceful, but can also win together scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind, why are we doing us down here on Earth then so hard with each other? Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier paid tribute to the youth work of the German War Graves Commission and said in his eulogy: peace is work, endless hard work. He handed the peace prize on behalf of three young people who take care of the graves of the victims of war and violence in the country. The economic society of Westphalia and Lippe wants to acknowledge the special commitment to peace with the price. The ISS is the largest technology project with a peace-keeping function. The American NASA, the Russian space agency of Roskosmos, the European Space Agency ESA and corresponding agencies in Canada and Japan contribute the community project. Men and women who at the time of the cold war in warring blocks lived today naturally cooperate in a confined space: 400 km above the Earth in the international space station ISS. The ISS astronauts demonstrate for the jury on the outpost of humanity impressively that a peaceful international cooperation between partners of different cultures is possible. The youth work of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge E.v. received the Youth Prize also every two years. The Volksbund own Jugendbegegnungs and educational facilities operates as a single war graves service worldwide. War grave sites, so the economic society are places of individual grief and collective remembrance, but also places international encounters and learning places of the history: in work camps, Jugendbegegnungs – and educational institutions of the people Federation, thousands of young people from all over Europe come together each year. The facilities are located in Ysselsteyn (NL), in Lommel (B) in Niederbronn (F), on the island of Usedom (D). Because all meeting places in the immediate vicinity of German war cemeteries, they offer the participants a unique form of history teaching. The meetings of young Europeans contribute to develop mutual understanding through the encounter with the population of the host country and dismantle prejudices. The motto of the youth work bring their uniqueness to the point: reconciliation over the graves – work for peace. in 1998, on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the peace of Westphalia, the economic society had first awarded the prize. So wanted and wants to draw out people, who have committed especially for European integration. The first award went to the Chief Prosecutor of the UN war crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, Carla Del Ponte, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the former Czech President Vaclav Havel, the conductor and activist Kurt Masur, the former French President Valéry Giscard d’ Estaing, the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the conductor Daniel Barenboim was followed by her award winners and most recently, in 2012, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. From the outset, and youth groups were awarded in addition to these famous personalities committed to Europe and peace. The youth awards went to the Organization of Gesto por la paz, the Polish Ekola gymnasium together with the German Conrad-von-Soest-gymnasium, the project students help life, the carolers, the young people in the Bodelschwinghschen Anstalten Bethel, to the community of young Maltese, the young musicians of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and the Organization children for a better world. . Similar facts can be read checking homepage.


State-mafia, the rifiutoBorsellino Hill, the alarm a month earlier.

the President of the Republic is a witness and-notwithstanding the constitutional prerogatives and related to the function-should in this field to further specify now, bar and generally speaking, it is not because finding the rite a witness ‘ right ‘ to know, before being quoted, the circumstances upon which must be heard and to requestto be heard exclusively on those. So we read in the ruling issued today by the second criminal division of the Court of Assizes in Palermo, motivating the decision to ammeterre the enlargement of the trial for the deposition of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in the process for the negotiation State-mafia. A testimony that the Court points out, however, depends on the availability of the head of State, and this can be denied or granted, and in the latter case, it can also be, at any time thereafter, withdrawn, and the Court cannot take note of that. And Napolitano, according to rumors, would just thinking not to answer questions related to the events of 1993 and 1994. The Court’s decision to broaden the spectrum of hearing was greeted with surprise and with not much favor. For this are thinking of responding only on points established previously, namely the letter of D’Ambrosio, avoiding talk of the ‘ 93 and ‘ 94, arguing its constitutional prerogatives. NOTHING JOURNALISTS AL QUIRINALE, The ODG REBELS-The President of the national order of journalists, Enzo Iacopino, and President of Sicily, Riccardo Arena, note with considerable perplexity of decision-not expressly communicated with official notes-the Presidency of the Republic to not allow neither the entry of journalists al Quirinale, nor to create a link in video or audio with a room even outside the palazzoas well as had been asked to ensure full details concerning the hearing on 28 October on the so-called process negotiation State-mafia. It said in a statement, which continues: even in respect of the institution and of the person of Giorgio Napolitano, I. and sand point out that even the Court of Assizes had given its green light to the reporters, in view of the fact that the hearing itself is not secret. The impossibility of telling ‘ without filters ‘ audition of the head of State on such delicate themes now represents a significant weak point to freedom of the press and the right of everyone to know what really will happen in front of the judges, creating dangerous obstacles in respect of the substantive truth of the facts and making concrete the possibility that, voluntarily or involuntarily, the testimony of the President is subject to misunderstandings or manipulations. The Presidents of the national and regional Order, recalls the note, had stressed an openness on the part of the Hill, just to prevent these risks, to protect the rights of citizens and of the President of the Republic. Now they hope that nobody calls for the lack of professionalism of journalists, if any of these dangers is tradurra ‘ in reality ‘. BORSELLINO, a PRIVATE NOTE that GAVE the alarm a MONTH BEFORE VIA D’amelio-want to kill Borsellino. A confidential police memo showed him already a month before that tragic July 19, 1992 in which the judge was killed in the attack in via d’amelio. The document, unveiled by Corriere della Sera, was also transmitted to the competent ministries and police bodies. There is no mention of the term negotiation but the memo reveals the idea of blackmail by the institutions of the Cosa Nostra. And now the question arises: If you knew that the Cosa Nostra wanted to kill Borsellino because who of duty did nothing?. For extra insights on this matter visit


Isis, Spanish services: “new alliances between Iberian and jihadist cells crime”.

There are other elements that indicate the new synergies between organised crime and jihad. Spanish prisons, since 2005 till now, at least 20% of the terrorists in their criminal record linked to drug trafficking and falsification of documents. Many of them operated between Ceuta and Melilla. Here, among others, the March 14 was arrested Mustafa Maya Amaya, 51-year-old Muslim convert who heads a terrorist network in Melilla. Belgian-born Amaya had become one of the references of the future internet recruiting fighters for the new Islamic State. It had already been imprisoned in Morocco, where he lived with his wife at the time, in 2012, on charges of conspiring against the monarchy. Escaped a few months later, he fled to Madrid, where he began to proselytize among young people. It wouldn’t be the first time that radical Islam is dedicated to drug trafficking, although it is formally forbidden by the Quran to trade controlled substances. "If you look at Al Qaeda, whose Islamic State took place in Iraq, the Organization off heroin and diamonds," says aNewsweek Haras Rafiq, an expert of the Quilliam Foundation, a think-tank that studies extremist movements. In the area between the Gulf of Guinea and the Maghreb direct drug trafficking to Europe has always been the preserve of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Aqim). The terrorist group from birth of Isis, in summer, it is divided between those who remained loyal to the "mother house" Al Qaeda and who began working for the Islamic State. Among the new affiliates to the Isis also Jund al-Khilafa, the group that has beheaded the French tourist Hervé Groudel the September 24 in Algeria. In early October, also the leader of Ansar al Sharia, Tunisian jihadist training, has sent an appeal to the Emir Abdelmalek Droukdel, the leader of Aqim, so that both groups are allies with Isis. . Related text can be read visiting


100 years of Leica: small, looks anything but.

The young man on the sidewalk looks irritated. He is dressed with jacket and bow tie, he’s holding his hat in his right hand. Behind him the new screw York skyscrapers into the sky itself, while on the road next to him, a horse-drawn carriage passes. But ten years later Leitz should decide definitively on the fate of the camera. The beginning of the first world war in August 1914 had stopped further development. In June 1924, the contractor called together his most important collaborators. It went to the launch of the more advanced midget camera. Hours Leitz, Barnack and the others discussed heatedly. The question was whether the small, but quite expensive with 290 mark camera couldn’t find enough buyers. Finally, the Patriarch was a line: there are more reasons for than against this camera, Leitz said, I’ve decided. The name Liliput was already forgiven at this time on a competitor’s product, but also a new name was soon found: Leica, a composition from Leitz and camera. The Leica I went into production. In contrast to the heavy conventional cameras she brought many benefits: with its small format and weighing in at a little over 400 grams, it fit comfortably in the Pocket. Also photos from every perspective settled with her due to the short shutter time spontaneously make. 36 images fit on a film. Photography was also more affordable with the introduction of the camera: film was inexpensive and as professionals and amateurs could experiment with the Leica. . For more facts on this topic visit


Suicidal business partner of Strauss-Kahn Had an investment fund.

Having resigned from the Imf in 2011 for accusations of rape (fall) of a waitress in a hotel in New York and the treatment received by police and u.s. Press, Dsk was already back in his old Europe quickly, seeking Fortune beyond the candidacy to the French Presidency now impractical. In July he was appointed member of the Supervisory Board of two Russian-dominated financial institutions: direct investment fund RDIF and Russian Regional Development Bank BRDR. A few days ago, however, the announcement that astonished more: DSK in Serbia as an economic advisor to Government led by Ivica Dacic to 1. 900 euros per month (according to rumors). To amaze even more motivation given by former IMF number one: "I accepted because I love Serbia." For sure DSK will earn more in Luxembourg, of course provided that the affairs are going well. Optimistic her employer: "it will be very useful in terms of contacts and politics. There aren’t many men like him and saw that now has no political mandate can work freely, "he said. In fact the former politicians or men who have held key positions in international economic and financial institutions, are more than delicious towards the private sector, especially banks. . Inspirational facts can be studied clicking the following


The Government slap to Europe remains correction of 0.1.

By Alberto Maggi (@AlbertoMaggi74) is not said that we will have to correct the structural deficit than we are already correcting in the proposal that we put forward. Enrico Morando, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, interviewed by Shaun Kitchener. it anticipates the answer that the Italian Government will give the letter to EU Commission on the request for clarification on public accounts. The debate that is underway with the Commission aims to convince Europe of two good reasons on the basis of which we have taken this decision with regard to debt and structural adjustment towards the MTO. We had a commitment to a correction of the 0.5% of the product, correct towards that direction but only of 0.1%. The reasons for our choice-explains Morando-are two: the first relates to the fact that we are still in recession and the trend of the economy is much worse than expected. So we think it is not reasonable to create a restrictive manoeuvre that would precipitate the product still in recession more than they already do not happen. Secondly, we need to implement radical structural reforms that we are approving, starting from the one on the school and on the job and does not appear reasonable to deprive these reforms the necessary resources at their startup, just when the country takes the path that your bodies have repeatedly urged us to undertake. The letter that we sent the European Commission a predictable and expected demand for clarifications on the choice we made. Through a comparison that has already developed informally before but that now becomes more tight we will try to support our arguments. As you know, we have very good reasons behind the choice we made. As expected the Commission seeks clarification in order to then make a final judgment. . You must check the following to learn extra about this amazing subject.


Nuclear deal: Washington calls Tehran to finish the job.

The main U.S. negotiator to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear programme on Thursday called Tehran to make the right choice, adding that it was time to reach an agreement. The great powers of the 5 + 1 (China, USA, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Germany) are negotiating for months with the Iran to try to reach an agreement on the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic. If the Iran wants to really solve its differences with the international community and facilitate the lifting of the sanctions against him, it will be no better opportunity than from here to November 24, the deadline set for reaching an agreement, said the Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. It is time to finish the job, she added. Western powers are seeking an agreement guaranteeing that Iran’s nuclear programme is exclusively civilian targets, in Exchange for a lifting of international sanctions which weigh on the Islamic Republic. In doing so, it would end a dispute that has poisoned relations for 12 years. Are we going to get there?, asked Ms. Sherman before a think tank in Washington. I do not know, but I can tell you that all the components of an acceptable plan by both parties are on the table, she said without giving further details. The objective is clear, etched in stone: the Iran will not, must not obtain nuclear weapons, she still hammered. The intensive negotiations in January allowed progress. However, several important points remain unresolved, in particular the capacity as the Iran would retain, after an agreement to produce enriched uranium, the material used for civil nuclear but also to higher enrichment to make a nuclear bomb. There is no agreement on the pace at which would be lifted the sanctions against Iran, despite new U.S. proposals in this area. Tehran and Moscow have suggested these days that an extension of the deadline for reaching an agreement may be decided, in order to give more time to the parties to bring their positions closer together. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif still met last week in Vienna during more than six hours to try to advance the folder. We have made considerable progress on issues that originally seemed irreconcilable, insisted Ms. Sherman, noting that discussions are a puzzle with many pieces linked together. The negotiations are still at a difficult stage, ” also said. We must use time wisely, remaining with a clear purpose and a sense of urgency. The Americans do not want to extend the process beyond November 24, but according to many observers, postpone the date deadline is inevitable, the two parties are being too invested in discussions to simply turn the heels close to the goal. We encourage Iran to make the right choice. At the same time we remain determined to do what is necessary to protect America’s security and enhance the hopes for peace and stability around the world, concluded Wendy Sherman. . For more data on this matter read


Mayor confirms first Ebola case in New York.

New York – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has confirmed a first case of Ebola in the US metropolis. The life-threatening disease had been proven at a doctor’s Office, de Blasio said on late Thursday night (local time). There is no reason to worry, care de Blasio. We have a strong team, and we are prepared for months. Now expires, what we have practiced so often. Ebola transfer only through body fluids: it is not enough to be in the same subway car or live nearby. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on a quickly scheduled news conference added: we were all hoping that this day will never come. But we are here in New York City, and people from all over the world come to us. This message could not be surprised. Cuomo said the man had closer contact with four people. All four were already determined. We are as prepared as you can be only prepared. The New York health authority according to the 33-year-old organization had worked Médecins sans Frontières in Guinea. He was flown on October 14 after Europe and three days later to New York. Since he had not have any symptoms. As an experienced doctor he was measured twice his body temperature to a day, until Thursday, he had but get fever. The Authority also confirmed that the doctor with several metro lines and taxi was driving and had been on the evening before the fever to the bowl. . Inspirational facts could be found clicking this


Federalism in Germany: only six or eight provinces.

Kramp Karrenbauer is a fundamental principle of the political thought in Germany question, which ascribes to a high autonomy even poorer countries. In the current negotiations, the Governments in the Saarland and Bremen but miss the solidarity of other countries and of the Federal Government. Kramp-cart Bauer’s words it is above all the debt from the past decades, the Saarland to burden – namely the money that had been used to deal with the crisis in the mining industry. A provision in the financial adjustment is necessary for these old debts. Otherwise the Saar region and other countries could not meet the debt brake. Such a development would call into question the federal order according to the Prime Minister. In the population, she see no great enthusiasm for the merging of States, Kramp Karrenbauer said. But now came the poor countries to save their limits. And thus was no longer to meet the constitutionally mandated goal of equal living conditions. The debt will not brake but the Prime Minister. The instrument was fundamentally sound. Meanwhile, looming, that an agreement on key points of a new Equalization this year no longer is expected. Tackled differently in the meantime, it will not succeed probably set points in December, it was said in several places on the margins of a meeting of Finance Ministers of federal and State. . Main source may be read reading this resource.