Gaza-Israel: the majority of the French is silent.

Isra creating l in 1948 was greeted with enthusiasm in France. The links uniting peoples isra links and fran ais are spectacularly shoe s tis by the edition of Suez in 1956 exp and cooperation nucl area between the two States. During the twenty first res ann es of Israel, opinion easy fran a account among the most ardent supporters of State h breu face its hostile neighbourhood. In the aftermath of the war of Six days in 1967, during which Tsahal has cras MRAs are Arab and began the occupation of the Palestinian territories, 68 percent of the French felt sympathy for Israel against only 6% for the Arab States (donn es FIFG). Only a few segments of the population are d stain by supporting more pressed for a camp. What are over-65s who get wet the most, but they remain tr (s) shared between the two camps. Young people, on the contrary, decide little, but those who put an opinion lean much more Palestinian t c (19% versus 9%). The m me trend is e observ’er among managers. The conflict is also a translation policy since supporters of right and extr me right are more numerous further support Israel than left, behind the Palestinians. The agglom Parisian ration, home of the most important communities Jewish and Arab in France, m rite well s r attention e duplicated. However, m me here neutralit pr dominates, and a majority of Parisians (65%) felt no more sympathy for one of the bellig rants. this sense of distancing from the French respect of this conflict is not new. Should we see fatigue respect of an endless and complex conflict? A priorinon: it is precisely the French the most s g that put the most an opinion on the conflict. More typically, the French g reach distance from international mathematics th, in accordance with the law of death kilom cudgel. Open a t l log screws on an international issue is still a real risk in terms of audience. Res trang Affairs fall within the fold of the prerogatives of the Prince pr; a majority of Fran ais rely the expertise of the policy. Therefore, they followed the G n de Gaulle in its condemnation of the policy of Isra l. M me today ‘ today a large number of interview s proves most difficult to judge the easy French position on the conflict: the half (53%) pr f re not to take action. These r results are part of the trend, e observ’er since many ann es d j, consisting of arbitrate in favour of public order to d detriment of the fundamental liberties of the Republic. It had had the opportunity to observe on the law of gr ve (minimum service), religious expression, (wearing the Islamic veil) or to a lesser extent on freedom of expression (Affairs of the cartoons) and today on freedom to demonstrate. S libert may be Rao es, if public order so requires. The placing in front of the ILC, l LY constitutive of national identity for 80% of the French, appears as a shield against communitarianism, ph name does as the French fear. And that is more tangible than ever when the Middle East caught fire. � . For additional data on this topic read website.


Weakness persists: economic data can cough euro.

The euro further explores its gross margin down. The recent decline in the IFO business climate index’ dealt a first blow to the common currency. As a result, the euro briefly loses the ground under the feet and SAG in a rapid motion. An exceed the expectations of new orders for long-lasting assets in the United States sent the currency to a new year low at 1,3432 dollars. Then she paralyzed is minimal. The euro simply no movement want to be for the experts of at Commerzbank. You better than expected purchasing manager indices from Germany and the eurozone have pushed while temporarily this upwards. But at the end of the currency got back on the level of output for $1,3464 location. Experts Helaba puzzle something Meanwhile about the weakness of the euro. So the ECB have not even started their quantitative measures. Also show the subdued development of the trade-weighted dollar, that a more restrictive fed policy still is not the big issue in the foreign exchange market. So the euro lost against many currencies since May to renewed uncertainty about the financial sector and the economy in the euro zone may have contributed. . Original data can be found visiting the following hyperlink.


Rizzoli International Publications Inc. announced the asset acquisition of Welcome Books, a publishing house of Welcome Enterprises. In his twentieth year Welcome Books illustati books in the field of art, photography, food and wine, of the costume, but not only. Also publishes books about animals, history, popular culture and society. The Publisher has started its activities in New York in 1995 and is known worldwide for the quality of his illustrated books. Reached by phone for comment, Laura Donnini, Managing Director of RCS Libri said: "the acquisition of the assets of Welcome Books is a sign of vitality on the market of Rizzoli International Publications, always ready to seize the best opportunities to enrich its offer. I am sure that the inclusion of securities portfolio Welcome Books will make it even more attractive our catalogue on international markets in the segment of high-quality illustrated books ". The innovative little big book series has sold hundreds of millions of copies and the company is known to have published around the world including Russia, England, France. My mark, President and CEO of Rizzoli International Publications and Managing Director of the international division of picture books to RCS Libri said: we are pleased to bring Welcome in Rizzoli. This is an excellent fit for us. We believe there is great potential for an increase of sale especially abroad. . You can click this resource to discover extra regarding this great subject.


How does conscience? Books are not everything.

But you know, that education does not understand according to the model of the Nuremberg funnel. This metaphor is the "poetic funnel" by Baroque writer Georg Philipp Harsdörffer, a book which appeared in Nuremberg in 1647 and claimed the systematic Lehrbarkeit of Versifying. While he used the image of wine, which is shorter and with less losses in bottles come with hoppers as without. Applied to General learning and the social background of students, wealthy parents have so the better funnel and also more good wine. In addition, education is supplemented by socialization, so unintentional influence: hangs when reading not only the history, but also the situation itself is possibly. So is the question of the context of educational achievements and social origin, as the milieu of origin affects the students just not inside funnel is what makes: the ability to control objectives, attention to be able to overcome difficulties and so on. However, the study indicates that there are no particularly strong links between all these factors. No key mechanism has been discovered which translate into unequal education unequal origin. You can formulate that maybe even so: the ability to concentrate, combined with a willingness to focus on more desirable things then yet more causes depends on, as statistically to isolate. The separation of "Gifted being" in individual components seems to be difficult. . Root facts can be studied checking the following


The unsung heroes of the Nazi era – “day to day life hanging by a thread hung”.

The mass deportations to extermination camps began in October 1941. All the Jews left in Germany should be murdered. Initially managed to hide the fact that the trains to the East in the death the Nazis. The speech was working in the newly conquered territories. But in the course of the year 1942, rumors about terrible massacres and assassination actions in the German Empire invaded. Above all soldiers on leave reported of unimaginable horrors. The most affected was now clear: deportation meant certain death. To emigrate was now also banned them. Only those who lived with a "german blood" partner in mixed marriages, was initially somewhat protected. The others were sitting in the case. Not a few committed suicide out of desperation. Who wanted to survive, had only one option: to dive into the ground, in the illegality. About 10 000 to 12 000 people tried to save himself in this way. So the survival depended on volunteers, which you could accommodate, the quarters and other supporters, food worried or drove up false papers. "An active process from both sides was to submerge," slide explained. "In some cases, non-Jewish Germans themselves from support offered, often but the persecuted had in turn look for possible helpers." Who had no non-Jewish friends, did hard is it. Contacts in the "Aryan" world had otherwise only still Jewish forced laborers who had to produce armaments for a pittance. And indeed, there was Foreman, which protected the workers in their operation. William Dane about, a Social Democrat and former trade unionists, had in October 1941 in a machine factory supervision of Jewish forced laborers. He procured them additional food, and by he was out as richly workers, he prevented their deportation long time. Also, he hid three Jews with him together with his wife at home, two of them survived the Nazi regime. "When Dane certainly social democratic thought for his actions was responsible," says push. But it got even more must happen. Finally, not all Socialists had supported submerged Jews. In his case, as also the cases of other helpers a whole bunch of motifs was often crucial: the political setting, but also personal courage, wisdom and compassion. And of course the opportunity to be able to help in a concrete situation played a role. . You should click this site to learn extra about this interesting subject.


Pope Francesco Caserta, Bishop: “hope for the land of fires”.

Pope Francis in the land of fires. After Lampedusa, Cagliari, Cassano allo Jonio Assisi, Campobasso and Isernia, Bergoglio chooses a new "edge of existence" very dear to him as Carlito for his sixth visit in Italy. A journey in two stages: Saturday July 26 Francis will meet behind closed doors before the priests of the diocese and then, at 18, will celebrate mass for the feast of the patron saint of the town, Saint Anne, in the square in front of the Royal Palace vanvitelliana; Monday, July 28, the Pope will return back to Carly but strictly private visit to Giovanni Traettino evangelical pastor, his friend since the days of Buenos Aires. The Bishop of the diocese, monsignor Giovanni Bell Of Alise, settled for just two months, anticipating to exclusive ilfattoquotidiano. it themes of Pope’s visit in Caserta: the camorra to unemployment.   Excellence, Papa Francesco chooses another existential suburbs so dear to him as Caserta, terra di lavoro, but also "land of fires". Bergoglio prayed especially for these tragedies during the stations of the cross last good Friday at the Colosseum musing on the "heartbreaking lament of mothers for their children, dying because of tumors produced by fires of toxic waste". But in Caserta feels loud even the tragedy of unemployment. What do you expect from the Pope on these subjects his Magisterium hinge?  I read this visit exactly looking the entire unfolding of pastoral action di Papa Francesco. His preference for the past and, therefore, be close to what he calls the "gap" or, in other ways, "go to the suburbs," gives us the right key to read this family and official visits, but also the Apostolic weight it has. Many times our city and province are seen as places where reigns the degradation. And this is true both for the great havoc in the circumscribed area and called the "land of fires", but also for its subtle and degrading of organized crime. Unemployment, not only because of these consequences, but these consequences are for removing the breath to young people and, in particular, takes away hope. Viewed thus, this visit is donating so much hope and feel confident in the heart it won’t be a quick passing wind up just dust on the surface. Since the announcement of the visit, and desired by the Pope, I have this great certainty and hope that it will be an ecclesial, social movement and also in the area.   The Pope wonder what you ask a father, especially to a father of faith and universal pastor of the Church. I ask you to confirm in the faith and to awaken faith’s fundamental motivations that drives us not to abandon our land but try everything you can to change it and make it more livable. We need to sprout a living faith, biblical and operating.   I would like to stress that the Pope wanted to well, specifically, this our Church and decided to meet with the priests and the Bishop in an interview his family and marked by gratuitousness, size often enhanced Christian ad. I feel to thank his Holiness because, somehow, not only I was appointed Bishop of Caserta but comes to strengthen his choice, speaking to the heart of pastor and priests from his father and from expert evangelizer. Certainly we will indicate the essential road already drawn in his apostolic exhortation "Evangelii gaudium".   Coming to Caserta I discovered the liveliness, somewhat messy, sometimes a vivacity of multiplicity of experiences. From these experiences I have had the opportunity to discover our Evangelical brothers, who follow the Shepherd Traettino Giovanni. Beyond the actual questions that many Catholics and non, you are placed in this double visit to the Pope, I emphasize that the Pope once again surprises us. in fact, for him to ecumenism is the fundamental commitment that recent Popes have held in high esteem, defining the second Christian millennium as the Millennium of the divisions and the third millennium as that of ecumenism and unity. Ecumenism goes through the fraternal friendship, mutual esteem and sharing problems that afflict all Christian churches. We have also experience in our Catholic Church. We should be able to read with more depth this message and sign of Papa Francesco visiting a friend evangelical pastor, without forgetting the meeting with Catholic children. Many do not explain why Pope Francesco returns twice in Caserta. I say because the Pope has strongly desire in attempting rapprochement between the churches, but while respecting differences and focus, not on ideas, but friendly and fraternal relations.   Monsignor Nogaro is in our Church the living presence of a memory that still accompanies many casertani. What I feel stronger in me is the desire to build with monsignor Nogaro, in fraternal relationship among ourselves, the most eloquent sign that Christianity is newness of life, you lived fraternity and mutual life testimony. What I crave most is be so United, Bishop and Bishop emeritus, that anyone ever make a rift between them. No one takes the responsibility to share why it is a providential sign for all of us. . You must visit this homepage to discover more about this great topic.


Flight AH5017 of Air Algeria: what we know about the crash.

Weather conditions. The aircraft has expressly requested to change of route due to bad weather, confirmed general Gilbert Diendéré, Chief of staff of the Presidency of Burkina Faso in Ouagadougou. Violent storms could force the aircraft to change course and may be the cause of the crash. The weather difficulties are merely established, in any case said Laurent Fabius. An attack. These areas of Burkina Faso as those of Mali are unstable enough to make credible this hypothesis. For more than a year, we know that Burkina Faso may be a target for Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, recalls on 20 minutes. FR, the Director of research at the french Centre for research on intelligence, Alain Rodier. The crash took place on the 27th night of ramadan, the ‘night of destiny’, which is a sacred night during which, from midnight to five o’clock in the morning, the gates of paradise are supposed to be open, adds to the daily the islamologist Mathieu Guidère, who considers the possibility of a terrorist attack also credible. . For extra regarding this subject visit hyperlink.


Fatih Akin with new film in the competition of Venice.

The comedy of by Mexican Director Alejandro González Iñárritu will be shown at the opening of the Festival on August 27. Akins film is the only German contribution among the 20 films in competition, as is evident from the program presented in Rome on Thursday. Akin in the competition for the oldest film festival in the world and the American Director Joshua Oppenheimer with the look of silence and Abel Ferrara Pasolini correspond with William Dafoe. Shown out of competition are among others In the basement of the Austrian Director Ulrich Seidel and the long version by Nymphomanic volume II by Lars von Trier. The Festival takes place from August 27 to September 6 in the lagoon city. A total 55 films appear in the lagoon city this year, including 54 world premieres and an international premiere. There are six films with German participation, including the co production of Sweden, Norway, France and Germany A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence of directed by Roy Andersson. In the category of Venezia Calssici the documentation from Caligari to Hitler of the German Rüdiger search country shows. . For extra data on this matter visit


Health reach deep Africa on a motorcycle.

Mahali is responsible for more than 30 people directly and many others indirectly. It is a busy woman with a position of responsibility, but it is not inmuta when a stranger called to your door without an appointment for an interview. I even asked me to identify. I have years to cooperate in Africa, although I am no expert. I have seen many inequalities and deficiencies, but also values that we long ago lost. I have observed cooperating for doing a great job and projects that should have been archived in a drawer. Sometimes it is encouraging and discouraging others. I would say, however, that the work of Riders for Health makes sense. Its main objective is to improve health, but she is also concerned about the quality of water and education. The team is entirely local and that brings the message to the rural population, which does not see to a Western inculcating habits so different from their customs. The organization is austere and, after several years of work, has managed to be financed mainly through the Ministry of health. . You must click the following resource to learn extra about this great matter.


Expressions of interest: nuggets of parliamentarians.

Senator UMP of Vienna and vice-president of the Senate Jean-Pierre Raffarin said for its part every year since 2009 between 32. 000 and 52. 000 euros in copyright and between 40. 000 and 78. 000 euros of revenue for lectures, adding to his Senator allowances (91 000 euros for 2013). MP UMP des Hauts-de-Seine Thierry Solère said have activity strategy for the companies Aliapur and Deloitte consultant, which reported it revenues in the order of 250. 000 euros per year, or more than 20. 000 monthly. The declaration of David Douillet reveals also amounts to six digits. Indeed, the MP for the Yvelines indicates have earned over $ 200. 000 euros per year in 2008 and 2009 during his visit to the Group channel +. Patrick Balkany failed to mention his wife: the field identification of the spouse is barred from a nothingness. In the heart of an investigation for money laundering tax evasion with Isabelle Balkany, MP UMP des Hauts-de-Seine in addition said 24. 960 euros of income as Mayor of Levallois-Perret, and 14. 250 euros in royalties for his book another truth, mine from 2010.  Egalementsoupconne to have used a town hall for personal driver, Patrick Balkany would benefit from a car valued at 8. 680 euros per year, the title of the Presidency of the Board of Directors of the Société d ‘ aménagement of renovation and equipment of Levallois-Perret. . Original facts can be studied visiting this hyperlink.