Alien presences in Cala Gonone: arrived in a fish Aquarium flute.

Alien presences in Cala Gonone. In the Aquarium the town hamlet of Dorgali, came a good sample of (Commersonii commersoni) captured by fishermen nets. It is a very common species in the tropical belt, which made his entry into the Mediterranean Sea after the opening of the Suez Canal and therefore is called alien species. The invasiveness of this fish is high, from his first report in the Mediterranean Sea (in 2000, faced with Israeli coasts) in just 7 years fish has reached even the flute. Recognize this fish is quite easy because it has elongated JAWS that form a and a characteristic strand running from the center of the caudal fin. The flute fish feeds on small fish and crustaceans and up to 150 cm in length and in recent years has been increasingly reported on the Italian coasts and also in Sardinia. The specimen arrived at the aquarium in Cala Gonone, for now will be kept in observation in the curatorial and maybe tanks in the future will find space in the tanks of the exhibition to be shown to the public. . For more on this matter check


BURKINA. Compaore party, self-proclaimed president is already disputed.

The retired general Kouame Lougue was however established himself as the strongman of the situation. The extent of his popularity could be measured in the streets of Ouagadougou, where his name was chanted by the protesters who gathered for several days in the capital. He acted as mediator between the different parties. He met Thursday, Nabéré Honoré Traoré and the highest grades in the country, met with the opposition parties and the Mogho Naba, King of the Mossi (ethnic group of the country), a moral and customary authority very well respected in the country. According to his family, he sought to soothe the situation without intention to overthrow the president. However, his intentions were ambiguous. Questioned by the site the voice of America, on the possibility that he could lead the transition period that lies ahead, he said: If the staff asks me, we are together. If my brothers in arms ask me and trust me, there is no reason that I refuse the task they want to assign me. RFI who contacted him, he stressed that if he was no longer part of the command of the army, he is still a member active and available to the staff. KOUAME Lougue has finally rejected by the latter. . For extended data regarding this topic click


+++ IS-terror in the news-ticker +++-21 IS jihadists killed in U.S. air raids.

10 36 pm: at least 21 extremists killed should be died in air strikes of the United States and its allies on the terrorist militia Islamic State in the Northern Syrian city Kobans. The victims had listened to the religious police of the IS, the Syrian Observatory for human rights reported on Friday. Also an IS fighters from Denmark was killed. The extremists also again tried to cut off the connection between Kobans and Turkey.   The defenders of Kobans continues to await the reinforcements from the northern Iraq. The 150 Pesh fighters keep in Turkey near the border with Syria for its efforts in the city. An advance party had explored the situation in Kobans on Thursday, but then again returned to Turkey. The Pesh will help to defend the beleaguered town against the extremists.   Friday, October 31, 06. 40 pm: after several days of heavy fighting, the Dschihadistenorganisation Islamic State (IS) has assumed control of a gas field in the Syrian province of Homs according to activists. As the opposition close Syrian Observatory for human rights, the battles between IS fighters and Syrian troops continued on Thursday at the edge of the field in Saeed’s. IS the entire area check but although more soldiers were in the buildings. . Additional info can be found clicking article.


Pre-compiled and 730 domicilioRivoluzione: how it changes.

On line no later than 15 April the new precompiled 730 snaps from 2014 2015 on income, so that the timing of implementation for this "operation" are very limited and will force the Agenzia delle Entrate in a tour de force. The modules compiled with the incomes and the ‘ income ‘ main post office should in fact be made available ‘ on line ‘ by April 15. Data entered at the beginning, will be essential. There will be data already contained in the anagrafe tributaria (personal ones, dependent relatives, real estate and land owned) but also those transmitted by third parties (such as banks, insurance companies and social security authorities) and those contained in the tax substitutes certifications: these must inform the labour income and deductions and if they do they will be sanctioned late 100 euros for each worker. By 2016 will be populated with data related to health expenses, that Asl and will be held at pharmacies communicate only revenue by 2016 thanks to medical card. The Declaration is made available online by April 15 and the citizen will be able to accept it as it is or change it, by adjusting the data and adding others. Can do it alone or with the assistance of Caf and enabled professionals: the deadline for submission is July 7. The controls will change depending on whether the precompiled ‘ agreement was accepted without changes or not. According to the estimation of the Agenzia delle Entrate, the debut of the new statements will need a break-in period of two years before being complete with all data. Simplifications on the legacy and energy bonus there are other innovations for the taxman. It is no longer necessary to submit the Declaration when the legacy, donated to the spouse and relatives in a straight line has a value not exceeding 100. 000 euros and does not include real estate or real property rights. As regards energy, bonuses will no longer be needed revenue for communication jobs allowed to deduct that continue for more tax periods. The cost of food and accommodation for professionals do not constitute compensation in kind for those uses: so, the trader will no longer ‘ chargeback ‘ in those costs to the customer invoice and will no longer operate the deduction of the amount as deductible cost component. As regards the VAT refunds, reset committments for reimbursements up to 15. 000 euros (now the threshold is 5.000 euro) and are not placed limits on the amount of refunds in favour of taxpayers ‘ risk ‘ not for which no longer requires the provision of guarantee in favour of the State. In terms of international taxation, simplified declarations are companies or institutions which do not have legal or administrative headquarters in Italy. Also 10 rooms. 000 euros limit for communicating, only annually, operations with countries «black list» (tax havens). Cheaper spots «solidarity» news even to help sponsors and representation expenses. There is a flat-rate deduction of 50% for both performance advertising performance and sponsorship for nonprofit associations, those amateur sports, the Pro-Loco. And also you will be able to deduct VAT on representation expenses incurred for the purchase of goods that have a ‘ unitary ‘ cost up to EUR 50 (now was up to 25.82 euros) by aligning with that of income tax. . Additional data can be read clicking


Sivens: If you turn back, the bulldozers will return.

At first glance, nothing has changed in the long prairie pregnant by the Sivens forest (Tarn). It continues to be occupied by dozens of tents, trucks and shelters of fortune which go, feet bare and cans in hand, a big hundred activists environmentalists, hair long, beards and mesh. Yet things are objectively more the same: on the evening of Tuesday, October 28, Thierry Carcenac, president (PS) of the general Council of the Tarn, owner of the shipyard, announced the suspension of the dam and putting it to a vote Friday at the plenary of the Department. A gesture of appeasement toward the protesters, facing the media onslaught, and perhaps fatigue an urge to just give up. But everything is in the maybe, because he presented the world this suspension as latency.   Since the beginning, they lie to us, then it will not start to believe, fulmine a great young man who is called Arz, officiating at the reception of the camp. They said several times that they came to discuss with us, instead, they we sent the police to intimidate and destroy our camps. They said that they were acting responsibly and Rémi is dead, killed like a dog,. All occupants of the ZAD (area to defend, a term activist) share, little more or less, this opinion. As long as the general Council will not say officially: ‘it’s over, abandoned the project,’ me, I move, slice Vic, young woman of 21 years, this Sivens since the end of August. Their ‘suspension’ feels a little too much subterfuge. If you turn back, the bulldozers will return illico. And indeed, nobody has folded luggage since the announcement. It considers indeed unrealistic an abandonment of the project, simply advocating a better reallocation of water volume (less for irrigation, more for the flow of the Tescou, the flock concerned Tarn) and a more stable financial arrangement. A compromise which, among the (residents of the ZAD) zadistes of Sivens, does give rise to only two reactions: shrug or small laugh. . You must read the following to learn more on this great subject.


Freising: preserve the charm.

Hubert Schmid pointed out by the Government of Upper Bavaria the historic flair and charm man living Freising old town with its beautiful streets, like here, Schmid is convinced. The Freisinger should present only once, they lived in Wanne-eickel, what show a visitor there for?, he asked. Generally, an ensemble in its uniqueness is identity, emphasized Mathias Pfeil, the General curator of the Office for protection of monuments. According to Freisings Mayor Tobias Eschenbacher, investors have now recognized that it may well be a locational advantage if they take account of the characteristics of Central. General curator arrow pointed out that there was a particularly strong pressure for change in Upper Bavaria. Inclusion in the list of cultural monuments not hot indeed, that you ever could make no adjustment, said the General Conservator. Ensemble protection is not equal to urban planning, so arrow. The Landesamt für Denkmalpflege stand the cities and communities to the side, the decision the lower monument protection authority but in the end and that is the municipality. That we go out to the people as officials of the State, even to visit a City Council meeting that we explain our concerns to the people and come into the conversation, so arrow is quite important him. . For extra about this topic check


Mexico: a treasure at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, on the eve of a Conference on 30 and 31 October at the Museum of the capital, they were detailed at a press conference the first results of their outstanding research, conducted for five years. "It is an intermediate synthesis," warned Sergio Gomez, the archeologist of the National Institute of anthropology and history (Inah), at the head of the Tlálocan-Camino Project. Before revealing what lay in a tunnel currently long 103 metres excavated manually and plunging to 18 metres below the main building of the site: as the famous temple of Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpent God, they surveyed not less than 70. 000 remains of offerings. Beads of jade, pyrite spheres, dozens of major shellfish from the Gulf of the Mexico and the sea of the Caribbean, bones of big cats, wooden objects, thousands of seeds and especially extraordinary four green stone statues. They could signal to the main rooms may be sheltering both sought tombs of rulers. "We thought we complete this work this year, but before the extent of discovery, we must pursue them again next year," said Sergio Gomez. At the time of its peak, around 400 a.d., the city-state white and red of Teotihuacan, located at 2000 m altitude, was the largest in the world at 300. 000 inhabitants. The pyramid of the snake feathered, largely reconstructed in the 1950s, today classified world heritage with her sisters the pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon, had already existed for three centuries. His tunnel, which originally gave access to the underworld had staffed 1800 years ago. It leads to three bedrooms menagees stack at the base of the Central terrace, which oversees the monument. "This path would run at the level of the water table because according to the myths, the underworld has its own metaphorical geography: its rivers, its mountains, its lakes and even his own sky", explained the scientist. His team found on ‘the walls and vaults of the tunnel a powder metal mineral, hematite and magnetite, indicating that it was entering with torches and everything is lit up like a sky of twinkling stars’. Only 5% of the 40 km² of Teotihuacan, "the city of the gods" in nahuatl language, have been studied thoroughly. Between the 2nd century BCE and the 7th ap. J. – C., it stretched in a checkerboard pattern of some two thousand districts modern and comfortable. It was even equipped with a field for the game of foot ball. His influence was exercised to the Guatemala and the Honduras. It was replaced by the current Mexico City by remote descendants, the Aztecs. Climate change, unstable volcanic area, would be the cause of the sudden desacralization and the displacement of the centre, at the same time political, economic and religious. . Related facts can be found clicking


The former Minister Tremonti investigated in Milan corruption.

The former economy Minister, Giulio Tremonti, is under investigation by Milan prosecutors for corruption. According to the magistrates Tremonti would be involved in an alleged bribe from 2.4 million paid in May 2008 from Finmeccanica to get the green light to the acquisition of u.s. company Drs. The tangent was disguised behind a fake consulting agreement with studio Vital tributary Romagnoli Piccardi Associated Milan &, founded by Tremonti. The Prosecutor suggested a ministerial offences, since in 2008 Tremonti was in charge of the Ministry in Via XX Settembre, and sent the papers to the Tribunal of Ministers in Milan. Drs, a military equipment firm, was acquired by Finmeccanica, at the time led by Pierfrancesco Guarguaglini, to 5.2 billion dollars, the equivalent of 3.4 billion, but today-according to analysts-its value would have almost halved. Alongside Tremonti-as anticipated by the Espresso and the Corriere della Sera-would also suspects Henry Vitali, tax partner, former President of Finmeccanica’s Guarguaglini and Alessandro Pansa, former Chief Financial Officer and former CEO of public company. The name of the former Minister would be entered in the register of suspects two weeks ago by Roberto Pelican prosecutors and substitutes Giovanni Polizzi, together with their former head of the anti-corruption Department Alfredo Robledo and after a Summit with Edmondo Bruti Liberati Chief Prosecutor, and these days the Prosecutor has started the procedure for transmission of documents to the Tribunal of Ministers. Meanwhile the judiciary cannot perform other investigations. In the next few days, Tremonti will have the opportunity to examine the proceedings and defend himself before the Tribunal of Ministers. The investigation was born Rome, where the pm Paolo Ielo collects in 2010 the testimony of Fixer Lorenzo Cola, used by Guarguaglini to manage the acquisition of Drs. Finmeccanica would pay to Cola a advice from 16.6 million dollars, part of which would have ended up in Switzerland. After the statements of Cola, Ielo transmits, for competence, the cards to the Milan prosecutors and investigation lands on the tables of Pellicano and Polizzi. The story at the heart of the investigation began in 2008, when Finmeccanica entrusts a consultancy for the Drs to the auditing firm Ernst Young & and study of tributaristi founded by Tremonti (former Minister during those years had resigned and came back recently). For that advice, Ernst Young & cashes 400 thousand euro on 31 July 2008, some 800,000 the January 30, 2009 and finally more 400 thousand euro on 20 March 2009, for a total of 1.6 million. Vital study Romagnoli Piccardi & Associati (now called Tremonti Vitali Romagnoli Piccardi & Associates) 2.4 million instead the cashes 13 March 2009. At a cost of 5.2 billion Drs had been evaluated approximately 11 times Ebitda that was expected at the end of 2008. The American company was a public company that produced electronic equipment for military helicopters and transport aircraft and in 2008 was at the 17th place among us defense suppliers. In 2007 recorded revenues of 2.8 billion, Ebitda increasing by 60 percent to 382.5 million dollars and net profits to 127.1 million. Had nearly 10,000 employees altogether. The Fixer Lorenzo Cola, dallesui statements have left suspicions of judges against Tremonti was arrested the first time in July 2010 for recycling and has bargained 3 years and 4 months for each other Digint. He was later re-arrested in 2011 if Enav. To decide the fate of Tremonti is now the Court of Ministers. According to the constitutional law number 1 January 16, 1989, offences committed by the Prime Minister and the Ministers in the performance of their duties are judged as the Tribunal of Ministers, a Board composed of three members and three alternates drawn at random among all magistrates on duty in district courts of jurisdiction (in this case, Milan). The Board shall, within 90 days of receipt of documents, after preliminary investigations and having heard the Prosecutor, if it believes that you should store the investigation, send the documents to the Prosecutor for their immediate transmission to the President of the competent Parliament. Otherwise, the Board, after hearing the public prosecutor, has the storage by Decree no actionable. Before storage, measure the Prosecutor may require the Board, stating the reasons, to carry out further investigations and the College adopts its decisions within 60 days. Today the College of Milan is composed of the President of the civil section of the Court of Como, Paolo Negri Della Torre, the head of the gip di Monza, Alfredo De Lillo, and the Labour Court in Milan, Stefano Tarantula. . Original data can be found checking this blog.


The celebrity birthdays by October 30, 2014: Matthew Morrison.

Morrison describes himself on his website as singers and dancers, from his acting work he does not, speak all began (2013), on which he interprets selected musical classics and jazz standards for more detail about his album where it. From California, and early fascinated by the theater, he studied singing and dancing in New York at the table-Hochschule. The year 1999 brought him then his first professional Broadway engagement: the audience saw him first in the stage production of the hit movie footloose, then in the Rocky Horror Picture show and then – his breakthrough – in Hairspray. Indeed Morrison had committed himself (2009) a name before the start of glee – but as a musical star. Alongside he got again guest-starred on television shows such as sex and the city, CSI Miami, and Ghost Whisperer. Attention was also Hollywood. 2012 he was at least as well as Jennifer Lopez and Cameron what slides in the romantic comedy, occupied when it happened, where five couples expecting babies. . You should read this to read extra regarding this amazing subject.


International taste: bread of Lariano trait d’union between Rome and Turin.

(ANSAmed)-Rome, OCTOBER 29-Lariano bread, in Turin for Salone del gusto, becomes the thread between the cities of Lazio wheels and wine. To suggellarne the success enjoyed in preview on the Rome-Turin of the red arrow, with a very special panel: 18 nuns of the order of the Cottolengo of Turin re-entry after a Conference on religious professions who had played in Vatican City. To be particularly appreciated by the religious group, the fragrance and the smell of durum wheat semi-full and sourdough which, they said, bring memories of childhood and the food of the soul. During the meeting, the tenth edition of the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, organized by Slow Food, where this unique goodness of the Castelli Romani has accompanied the tastings organized by Slow Food Campania, Arsial and Hospitable Lands Lags, scheduled during the Festival. To be brought to the attention of the general public from the movement’s regional Chairman Stefano Asaro and the Technical Director of the lag Castelli Romani and Prenestini Mountains Patrizia di Fazio, the surprise of inimitable and unique flavors that Larian bread could reach their maximum expression with the palate of even the least attentive visitors. For the 11 bakers Lariano not easy work, awarded in 2011 with the geographical collective mark registration and even before official recognition in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic traditional agrifood product of the Lazio region. (ANSA). . For extended data on this topic read source.