Iraq: Fabius calls all countries in the region to take action against the Islamic State.

The French diplomacy Chief Laurent Fabius asked Wednesday that all countries of the Middle East region, including Iran, as well as the five UN Security Council permanent, act together against the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR). A statement which takes place while the Iran announced that it had assisted the Iraqi Kurds and that consultations were conducted with some European countries. The humanitarian operation organized by OHCHR from the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) to help half a million people in the North of the Iraq began. On the other hand, forces us carried out new strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq after the broadcast of a video, authenticated, showing the beheading of an American journalist and where jihadis threatening to perform another if the bombings continue. While François Holland announced on Wednesday an international conference in September on security in Iraq, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius appeared before the Commission Foreign Affairs and defence: "we want all the countries in the region, Arab countries but also the Iran and the P5 (5 permanent members of the Security Council countries *) join this action. This conference should "take a series of provisions in intelligence and military", and take steps to ‘cut the resources’ of the Islamic State. Recognizing that this group was behaving like "a real state" in areas that it controls, it also considered necessary «to conduct a social action to cut support» IC might have in the population. "This terrorist group there is dangerous and of one different nature from the other. We have a company of destruction. Today it is the Iraq. But the Caliphate, it is throughout the region and beyond the region obviously Europe,"the Minister said during his hearing before members of Parliament.   "We are all people to destroy and to kill since the objective and the rationale of this group is to kill all those who refuse to submit," he added. Referring to the supply of arms to the Kurdish fighters who fight against the jihadists of the EIS, Laurent Fabius assured that everything had to be done "in accordance with the decision of the Iraqi Government. "It is not about doing things in the back of the central Government. Whether it is weapons, humanitarian, to do things together’, he said. "We have made a political help and advice to the Iraqi Government, we have acted in the same way for Iraqi Kurdistan," said the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian. However, "we did not send arms", he continued, adding that his country has no military presence "in Samarra and Baghdad, nor in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan" either.   The Iran, which is predominantly Shiite like the Iraq, was the main support of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, before abandoning its ally accused of all evils in Iraq and welcomed the appointment of his replacement, Haidar al-Abadi. Tehran had called the Iraqi parties to national unity against the offensive of the EIS. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that consultations were undertaken with some European countries on this subject. The Germany issued Wednesday a rare decision in its history: to prevent a "disaster", and despite the opposition resolved by its public opinion, she will deliver weapons to the Kurds of Iraq, thus joining several of its European partners, including the France and the United Kingdom who had the green light from the European Union. "These facilities have aims to provide an opportunity for the Kurdish security forces to defend themselves against the attacks of the jihadists of the Islamic State," said Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In addition to non-lethal equipment (as expected), Berlin could send fist weapons and anti-tank missiles. The Government, unanimous on the issue, must now receive a mandate from the Bundestag to make deliveries. . You should visit this to discover extra on this interesting subject.


David and Cathy Guetta: their formalized separation.

This is Cathy Guetta that eventually let go of the piece. Rumor ran for several months and until then, the Queen of the Parisian nights was attempting to deny the situation in the edition of Paris Match on Thursday, Cathy reveals that with his alter ego David, it is well finished, after 25 years of common life. Article entitled "My life without David" makes no mystery on the status of the couple. The high priestess of the evenings ‘ F * me i’m Famous» Ibiza book without complex.  "With David, we were going through a crisis of couple, as many can learn after twenty-five years of life commune and twenty-two wedding. The publication of articles of a certain press was of unprecedented violence, for my children, my family, David and me. This period has been extremely difficult, we have tried to cope. Today, we have decided to separate us. "book.   The mother of two says a little more about its future which seems, away from hot nights in the capital and Ibiza.  "I finish including a real estate project in Ibiza, which will become the first showcase of my new passion: interior decoration. ” At school, I’ll be jury member of ‘Rising Star’ on M6"she says to the weekly, confirming information from the Paris – today in France. For several weeks, David appeared more on the ambianceuse photos on Instagram account. The last photo of David date of March 24. Cathy Guetta will therefore take flight. The ascent of the couple began in the 1990s when they take the artistic direction of the Parisian nightclub of the bathhouse. At the controls of the club popular with show business, David officiates at the turntables, Cathy directs with a mad energy public relations. Little by little, their success goes global. In 2001, via their company Guetta Events, the couple have launched the conquest of Ibiza (Spain). Their famous theme nights ‘ f,. me I’m famous "revolutionizing the night on the island. Now is the time for the huge clubs with mega shows. Thousands of holidaymakers are rushing each year to party paying thousands of euros. Cathy manages the details of the shows of her husband, today charged between 35. 000-200. 000 euros. To create the event, they are going to organize a concert in a plane between Paris and Ibiza (Fly me i’m Famous) and transform a part of the airport from the Spanish city in the disco. In the 2000s, David Guetta becomes a heavyweight of the pop-dance. Producer asked, he went solo or with American artists hits. The most striking success remains the planetary tube ‘I gotta a feeling’, produced in 2009 for the Black Eyed Peas. An insane pace imposed its success. "I take a plane a day, I live on another planet," he said so to the "Parisien" – "today in France" in September 2012. David and Cathy Guetta, were among the first to use the placement of products in the clips from the DJ. Thanks to the company that founded Srivasudev Guetta businesswoman oversees contracts with brands (Hollywood, Renauld, Stimorol, Frident,.). David Guetta has sold 29 million records, produced by Cathy Guetta. It is still one of the world’s best-paid DJ’s. For extended facts regarding this subject check weblink.


From darkness to light: The new power of the commodities trader giants.

Meanwhile, investors have become wiser. When Trafigura presented its annual balance sheet to the public in December 2013 for the first time, the dealer released views record-breaking annual profits of $2.18 billion, or 1.6 billion euros that he had achieved in the past year. At the same time, the company outlined a growth plan that will make capital from the US oil boom. The oil storage company associated with Vitol VTTI energy partners announced last month, to the planned course on the New York Stock Exchange play equivalent of 308 million euros. When Japan took its nuclear plants from the network in 2011 after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japanese demand for natural gas, and natural gas prices rose. The Geneva energy trader Gunvor group helping out and more than five times of the volume, which was delivered in 2010 then sent 23 shipments of liquefied natural gas to Japan and so. In the last year, Glencore and Vitol borrowed 7.3 billion euros, the Russian State oil company Rosneft. In return, the oil giant supplies the two dealer for five years with oil. The bustling busyness and the growing influence of large commodities traders are noticed not only the investors. Also the market guards are alerted. The British financial services authority financial conduct authority (FCA) spoke of a known unknown in February with a view on the commodity trade society, because they worked largely outside the scope of regulators. The FCA wants to keep more with the dealers two language. These companies play an increasingly decisive role in the functioning of a global market is always more complex shaping, had run the FCA in a report in February. Commodity traders to extend their probe continues, not all encounters unlimited benevolence. Last year, the Australian Government against a commandment about 2.2 billion euros, which was presented by Archer Daniels Midland for the grain trader GrainCorp locked. The business was not in the best interests of the country, it was said at that time. In the United States, the supervisory authorities currently examine whether it occurred to aluminum bearings which are among other things owned by Glencore and Trafigura, to price and offer distortions. Louis Dreyfus, one of the world’s largest cotton merchant, facing charges in the United States before the Court. Accused the company, to have tampered with the cotton market in 2011. On the other hand, it is also not difficult to identify the growth opportunities for the industry, my observer. In Kenya, for example, the familiar yellow logo by Royal Dutch Shell in a total of 123 stations can be found throughout the country. They provide a reliable source of fuel for the growing number of car owners in the Kenyan middle class emerging. But aside from the logo shell has nothing with the gas stations to do more. The oil company has sold his share in the business to a joint venture. The energy trader Vitol, which is especially known in remote and war-ridden areas behind the scenes transactions to complete, a 40 percent share of holds in this joint venture. . Inspirational facts could be read visiting this link.


Gaza, skip the truce: rockets on Israel. Netanyahu: Resume attacks.

(AdnKronos)-doesn’t last the truce in the Gaza Strip, signed in the night to give a chance to the indirect negotiations in Cairo between Israelis and Palestinians with Egyptian mediation. Terrorists have violated the ceasefire, said the Israeli army through Twitter, reporting that three rockets launched from Gaza have hit Beer Sheva and Netivot. The missiles hit populated areas in the South of Israel, without apparently causing damage. No alarm siren is echoed, and the echo of explosions was also felt by residents of the communities close to the Gaza border. In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon told an Israeli gave order to the Israeli army to resume attacks in the Gaza Strip and the raids are resumed. The Prime Minister and Defense Minister also gave instructions to the delegation of Israeli negotiators in Cairo to return to Israel due to the violation of the cease-fire by Hamas. New Israeli raid struck areas in Northern and eastern part of the Strip. In the attack, have made known the Israeli media, were struck ten goals. Two children were injured near Rafah, said the spokesman of the Ministry of health in Gaza. Three other Palestinians were injured in the North of the Strip. While the Times of Israel reported that the Israeli missile defense system Iron Dome intercepted two rocket attacks on Netivot, stating that it is not clear how many were those launched in the latest blast. Another exploded in an open area near the southern town of Ashdod. When we hold peace talks with a terrorist group we get even more terror. Hamas believes that the rocket can help them achieve their goals in the talks and so shoot even during the cease-fire. The rockets are not an accident, as far as we are concerned, said economy Minister and member of the Security Cabinet of Israel Naftali Bennett. According to Bennett, only a strong response will be able to stop the deterioration of the situation. Sooner or later Israel will have to subdue Hamas, there is no way to avoid it. To intervene was also the Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Saar. Peace talks with Hamas do not serve the interests of Israel’s security-said-so it makes no sense to continue. While the Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said she was in favour of inflicting a serious blow to Hamas military, but he also explained that, in order to make a real change in the Gaza Strip, Israel needs to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority. The Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, accused Israel of having launched new raids against the Gaza Strip to derail the negotiations in Cairo. We know nothing of these rockets, said Abu Zuhri, in reference to the condemnation of the Israeli army. Israel has full responsibility for the escalation and its consequences. Abu Zuhri added that Hamas is interested in reaching an agreement for a permanent ceasefire with Israel, but there has been no progress in indirect peace talks in Cairo and Israeli attacks aim to put pressure on the Palestinian delegation. Meanwhile, sources of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo, quoted by Ynet, argue that problems in the peace talks have not begun with the launch of rockets. The problem is intrinsic. When you can’t get to an agreement, the talks are stalled. The Palestinian delegation asks that the agreement to indicate explicitly that a port will be built in Gaza with the details to be discussed in the future, but Israel wants the agreement of the port is connected to the Organization’s disarmament. The chances of reaching an agreement for a permanent cease-fire in the near future are very low, the sources concluded. Azzam al-Ahmad, Fatah leader and head of the Palestinian delegation in Egypt, has also reported that the Palestinian delegation in Cairo had presented to Egypt a proposal with a road map for peace in Gaza and was waiting for a response from Israel. . Similar text can be read checking hyperlink.


Mystery around a quadruple murder at sea filmed with a mobile phone.

Nothing however to date or to locate the facts and the Fijian authorities asserted Wednesday that the victims were not originating in the small archipelago of the Pacific. I can’t tell you how we checked the information, but I can confirm that it is not Fiji citizens, said the head of the Fijian Navy, John Fox, quoted by the Fiji Times. Local police requested assistance from Interpol and fonts from neighbouring countries. Fiji are home to a large fleet of tuna fishing boats whose crews come from all over Asia. Interpreters recruited by the New Zealand TVNZ channel, the languages heard on the video include mandarin, thai and Vietnamese, and an inscription found on one of the ships suggests that it is registered in Taiwan. For the president of the Association of Fiji tuna, Graham Southwick, the victims were Somali pirates routed by their targets. We checked with the [owners of] Taiwanese boats [operating since Fiji] and they said Oh yes, we know this story, it happened a year ago, a year and a half, the types in the water on which it draws, they are Somali pirates, told TVNZ. . Additional information can be read clicking


So tastes Hamburg: how the new generation of Festival to eat.

Here in Wilhelmsburg to Reiherstieg the Festival since 2007. Special feature: occur not only about 140 different bands and DJs, the art scene is involved with. Whether the influence of artistic and colorful is carved wooden figurines, a castle as input to one of the numerous stages, a Swan from wood residues, in which you can sit or containers that are stacked to a bar – indispensable on the Dockville. And of course also a good assortment of alcoholic drinks should not be missing, there is more than just beer. You will find like Moscow Mule and Mojito cocktails at a bar, which consists of old containers. Russian of Coke (coffee-sugar powder, lime, vodka-shot) get Festivalisten at the coffee stand, hidden in a wooden hut. The Lakritzschnaps will be served at the Lakki caravan in the forest. You need to find the small secret stands once, but then they become the highlight. Three days partying at the bottom of the Süderelbe. To good music and not only rich, but also special diets. A concept that many visitors will appreciate. I just dig me not only the French fries, but also flavorful experience something, so Nader, who enjoys his last Burger bites. Music, glitter, bubbles, dancing, art and food: all that belongs together today. More than ever the need for delicious, fresh foods is also in the Festival culture. . Inspirational facts could be found clicking this


Gaza, the cease-fire does not hold: Hamas launches rockets, Israel bombs. Interrupted the talks underway in Cairo.

. New attacks from Gaza towards Israeli territory. Two rockets fired from the Strip were intercepted en route from defence battery at Netivot, in the Negev. A mortar from Gaza exploded in an Israeli village. Does not include victims. Three other rockets were fired toward the Israeli town of Beer Sheva in the Negev, despite the ongoing truce. The bombs have exploded in inhabited areas, without victims.  Immediate Israeli army response that attacked ‘ ‘ terrorist ‘ sites ‘ in Gaza Hamas: Israel broke the truce-Hamas accuses Israel of breaking the ceasefire. In a statement to the press a spokesman for Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that it had no information about rockets fired towards the Negev, Israel says. As a result the raids carried out by Israel in the Gaza Strip are in his opinion a violation of the truce. The planes struck targets in open areas unspecified Beit Lahya, Sajaya, Rafah and Khan Yunes. Two children were injured. The points of negotiation-In Israel a certain skepticism prevails, while distances on some key points approach only with difficulty. On the one hand you would like to obtain the disarmament of Hamas, which appears unlikely, on the other hand the total end of the embargo, another hot topic at the negotiation table. To reassure Israel fell in the EU field, ready to provide with forces in control of the Rafah crossing, which Egypt’s mediation proposal would permanently open. On another plane, the Palestinians say they are ready to ‘ drop ‘ from this phase of negotiations the request to reopen the airport and build a trading port, but are demanding in Exchange for an Israeli first Yes. That will not come without the other side some form of concrete guarantee on a gradual hollowing out of the arsenals of the Strip. . Original source can be found clicking the following


Cannibals drug shocks biting attacks on the drug binge – Spanish holiday islands.

The drug cloud nine has arrived in Europe. The hallucinogen, which originates from the United States, was the trigger for biting attacks on the Balearic Islands. British media reported several incidents on Mallorca, where was the horror drugs in the game. In Magaluf, a 22-year old Briton at the celebrations by an Italian was attacked and bitten in the ear. The victim was hospitalized, made AIDS and hepatitis tests, and was incapacitated for weeks. Also in Magaluf to bite a British tourist: the 28-year-old attacked on the beach several bathers and guardians of public order. Eight police officers were needed at the end, to overpower the man. In the United States, the police warns the cannibals drug for years. In Baltimore, a student killed his roommate, ate parts of his brain and heart. In Miami, a homeless man tried to bite a policeman in the hand during his arrest. He growled at the officials and screamed: "I’m going to eat you!" Both cases are attributed to cloud nine. . For additional insights regarding this matter visit


Indonesia: a couple found her two children ten years after the tsunami.

It is a double miracle.  A couple of Indonesians who had found her daughter, by miracle, beginning of August, ten years after the deadly 2004 tsunami, said Tuesday they have recovered their son. Like its sister, the latter had won by the giant waves that struck the archipelago.  Jamiliah and her husband, Septi Rangkuti, recovered it Monday, in a small town in the West of the island of Sumatra.   Ten years after, the Rangkuti were gathered in Payakumbah, in the House of a couple who had discovered the boy sleeping overnight outside their internet cafe. Crying hot tears, Jamiliah has hugged his 17-year-old Arif Pratama Rangkuti son. "I prayed all night, because in my heart of hearts, I have always believed that my son was alive," said the mother.  "My husband was always worried at home because of this. He wanted to believe that our son was still alive. The family lived in the Aceh province, at the western end of Sumatra, the most devastated by the tsunami which destroyed entire villages, killing more than 220,000 people in the Indian ocean, including 170,000 in Indonesia.  Jamiliah found his son in a small town on the island of Sumatra (AFP) the teenager lived homeless for years, sleeping in markets or abandoned stores. Lana Bestari and Windu Francism let him sleep at the Café for several months, and gave him food and clothing during his regular visits.  It is after seeing on television a picture of child Arif in Aceh with the coordinates of the family without knowing he was a victim of the tsunami of 2004, that Ms. Bestari has made contact with his parents. Jamiliah had already found his daughter early August (AFP) "I was shocked, there was a picture of a boy that I very well recognized. I recorded this image on my smartphone", she said.  The boy had simply told him that he came from Medan city in North Sumatra. He did not specify how he got there, he was originally from West Sumatra. For Homecoming, the teenager has first talked on the phone to his parents who arrived with their youngest son and daughter of 14 years, Raudhatul Janna, that they had found early August.   . You can read the following to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.


Ukraine crisis: there will not be a Russian invasion.

Lukyanov: All must make concessions. The Eastern Ukraine must be given an autonomous status. Moscow would like, that the leader of the pro-Russian forces are recognized as a negotiating partner, and Kiev is not ready. It would make sense to create a political arm of the rebels, in the kind of meaning would be fine in Ireland, the space for political flexibility. The gas issue must be clarified in its whole width: the Ukraine’s debt, the price of gas, the question of transit. A more important question: Who will pay for the reconstruction of the Ukraine? I think that the West understands: If Russia is economically boycotting the country, the Ukraine has no chance. Russia must retain at least the Status Quo of economic relations. The fourth area of the negotiations is the military nonalignment in the Ukraine. Lukyanov: For Russia not. But President Putin has also a line with his recent speech on the Crimea drawn: Russia’s expansion is limited. After the annexation of the Crimea, it has no intentions to expand. That was a signal to all those who believe in a Russian invasion of the Ukraine. There will not be a Russian invasion. Lukyanov: The country is in a bind: it is economically and politically to the limit, therefore, Kiev urges a quick military solution. The army halfway does stop, the people will ask: what have we sacrificed so much? But even if the military persists in the East, a guerrilla war is to be expected. Lukyanov: Western policy towards Russia has failed completely. I agree with Henry Kissinger, who said: the demonization of Vladimir Putin is not a policy. It is an alibi for the absence of policy. In the first few years, Putin was still open for integration with the West. But after the trust in the United States, also his confidence in Europe has diminished in recent years. The intervention of the West, Afghanistan about the Iraq and Libya are cynical or crazy in his eyes. For him, the Ukraine was apparently the last confirmation. . You should check the following page to read more regarding this great topic.