Lilly Wood & The Prick: tour in Europe after the hit of the summer.

The french pop duo Lilly Wood & the Prick, musical phenomenon of the summer with a former title powered in the charts European in a version remixed by a German DJ, continues to go from surprise to surprise in launching this week in a non-planned European tour. Sometimes one wonders if this isn’t a joke, smiles the singer Nili Hadida, contacted Friday by AFP, looking at sales figures: the single Prayer in C, remixed by the German DJ Robin Schulz, has passed 1 million copies worldwide and 120. 000 in France, according to the label Cinq7-Wagram. The title is installed at the top of the UK singles in France for now ten weeks then it is a remix of a song which appeared on the debut album of the duo, released in 2010, and that the band was almost playing on stage!This looks like the adventure two years ago of a title of the Swedish Likke Li, I Follow Rivers, whose success has been assured by a remix of DJ Belgian The Magician. Nili Hadida and his accomplice, guitarist Benjamin Cotto, took advantage of this unexpected success to embark on a new European 13 concerts which began Wednesday in Switzerland and will lead them in Germany, in Austria, to the Denmark, in Belgium, in the Netherlands before a conclusion in Paris on 23 November the Festival of Black XS tour. The passage in Germany should be the opportunity to meet, for the first time, the German DJ who had opened wide the gates of Europe. Since the beginning, it goes from surprise to surprise, says singer. At the beginning, was played in bars for our peeps. Being discovered on MySpace, have a victory for music (in 2011, for the Revelation of the public), a Zenith (in Paris, in 2013),. We were miles away to expect everything!, she says. The group returned to Mali where he began the registration of 9 songs for her third album. Is pop, it will continue, but we try to put more relief in what we do, announced the French singer about a disc whereas in spring 2015. . You must check the following to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.


The eight challenges of Renzi while (four days) begins in the autumn.

Tuesday, 23 September will fall. Matteo Renzi, and since the first day the new season will be stormy. Because now, just begin to fall the leaves, the premier will be able to measure successes and failures after a thousand promises for a thousand days that is given to ‘ change to ‘ to Italy. And autumn for those efforts the premier. That will take at least eight challenges, including those already in Parliament and other Inbox. Each with different opponents, even in ‘ his ‘ PD. Here: Jobs act, delegation to turn Pa, decrees on civil justice and fast unlock Italy, everyone already under consideration by the Chamber and the Senate. As well as institutional reform and electoral law. But by mid-October will touch stable law 2015 with lots of built-in spending review. Not to mention the reform of the school and of the six missing justice Ddl from the horizon. Thunderheads parliamentarians and Pd split is perhaps not a coincidence that since the first day of autumn you although all Government MPs from clouds clear. Meanwhile, there will be no vote in Parliament brought together 14 of the judges to the Constitutional Court and to the Csm package that has proven quite indigestible in dem House and that meanwhile stuck by two weeks the parliamentary work. While the Senate is expected to begin in the House that Jobs act to increasing safeguards which split the Democratic Party race, double double pitfall. Because between Deputies and the Senate will resume, or some will start from scratch, other navigation laws (to do) that will not be a walk to pass and bring into print in the official journal. All laws that still lie in commissions. All challenges so here they are, read to do. The Ddl delegation for public administration reform, the agenda of the work of the Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the Senate. Then the two decree-laws arrived in Parliament in two weeks since the launch in the Council of Ministers: the unlock part in Italy to the House Committee in a few days, one on Civil Justice has just started his journey in the Senate. And even the two policy that matches remain a puzzle: the farewell to the Senate and to perfect bicameralism (the House Committee), and the mysterious electoral law (Senate Committee) but should not start before a further ten days. Where then are enough votes. The zoo of politics Fall short, agitated for the premier. While Europe presses and doesn’t seem to like to do discounts. While the ECB and the IMF us urges (also) sforbiciate pensions. With spending that ICA and not even tickles the allies in Government and haunts the Pd and the unions are ready to barricades. Who knows what the zoo of political vocabulary does not widen again after the owls, the kangaroos, the hawks and the doves, the pythoness and the Jaguar. It’s up to the Ant or the grasshopper?. For extra facts on this matter visit


Denzel, give me a hug.

Denzel Washington is much more than just an actor. And ‘ The equalizer: Guard ‘, much less than a good pel cula. We have said it. Really trat staying of the como n of a festival that promises (of truth), taking into account that we are in front of the first Donostia award which is awarded to a black artist and not forgetting that the weekend starts today (c mo eats here don’t say a Word), well masters may have taken a couple of p paragraphs give the bad new. But for qu. And yet, not. Or not so much. The story of a man, former Special Agent, who decides to do good with their backs to the law and matter who despite (that is, do good aside from the good), becomes the little delicate hands of Fuqua in a simpl n, retr grade and even suspect manifesto in favour of States of exception n. Entertaining, s, but nothing m s. If someone is with forces, has the title of ESO t and does not give laziness can use the adjective fascistoid or, why not, Fasciitis (which are already aching feet). It is not, to be clear, turbid and provocative reading of the opposite of Justice that Don Siegel gave us in his dirty Harry. Clint, in its raw harshness, enjoyed gutting the disturbers of the peace. And the hac a in such a way that the own peace was reduced to the soulless caricature of a decidedly sick time. Fuqua does both. In his hands, his h roe, not in vain the Quixote reader, wants to be a kind of knight-errant arriving where neither the judge nor laws reach. And of course, taking into account that soon we will see same here the pel cula ‘Lasa and Zabala, someone may be to cry out to heaven. All l. Because in the end, and this is irrefutable, is Denzel Washington. He had not long ago in the presentation ‘ n ‘Flight’, Robert Zemeckis, to not be sent representative of anything or anyone. S the same s. The dec to a account the question of rigour on the color of their skin. Of the six times he has been called to pick up a statuette, in four of which his image is associated with a fierce fighter for civil rights. As was ‘Screaming freedom’, which embodied the anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko; in ‘Days of glory’, where played a soldier’s first Black regiment which took the army of Uni ej n; in ‘Malcolm X’, and at the biograf of Boxer Hurac n Carter. . For additional data about this subject visit


Europa League, good for Inter, Napoli and Fiorentina: the bull equalised in Bruges.

It went as had to go, and already this is good news for the long-neglected Italian football. Three out of four (Inter, Napoli and Fiorentina) had to win three out of four won, opposite to lower against opponents who was required to get the full result. For Turin, which dealt away the Bruges, came a tie: good, considered that the Belgians are credited as the strongest team in Group of grenade, bad when you consider that a large turn over has probably prevented a victory more than possible. We depart from Naples, who was the real surprise, not so much for the result because Rafa Benitez, as he had hinted in the days before the game that would have made a broad appeal to the reserves, has displaced all fielding almost the whole of the team owner. A double signal: players, demonstrating clearly that victory was the only acceptable goal, and possible rivals for the landing in the final because I play the first race with this group says that the Napoli, the Europa League, keeps us and not a little. Yet, in São Paulo, it was Sparta Prague to go ahead, awakening the ghosts of a defeat that would have been unpalatable for the few fans present at the stadium: unusual scenario considering the warmth of Neapolitan supporters. We thought Higuain, on penalties, to equalize the accounts before Mertens, in the second half, put a decisive double sign. Not a great Naples, and could not be a complete transformation after the difficulties presented in the League, but a team finally on the path to recovery although waiting at confirmations nationally. Inter have suffered throughout the first half, which has not seen a shot on goal worthy of note. The Dnipro has bet everything on a bad-tempered game and hard, thinking about blocking the opponent rather than to propose during the offensive. The nerazzurri, with the passage of time, however, have passed the fix proposed by Ukrainians and have touched for at least twice the advantage (with Guarin and with a double occasion D’ambrosio-Ibias). Not to mention a penalty not booed. The right of expulsion, Rotan for double admonition has just simplified things by putting D’ambrosio to score the winning goal. Without some owners and with the midfield Kovacic absent for injury Inter have struggled as it was logical to build the game, but especially in the second part of the meeting proved to be a solid team with good character. Will be useful for the rest of the season and he’s right Mahmood when he says that, in the field of Dnipro, for others it will be very difficult to win. Fiorentina affontava an opponent’s card, the French club Guingamp, and the difference in class was so obvious you don’t understand why, after 30 minutes of play, the game was still 0-0 nailed on. Vargas’s goal in the 34th made justice to viola and soon after Diallo’s dismissal for two yellow card closed the evening. In ten against eleven Frenchmen could not of course hope to oppose a good Fiorentina, which in addition to score two more goals with Quadrado and Baig has exploited the opportunity to try reposting of Montella schemas bomber Mario Gomez. The German hasn’t scored, but was supported loudly by the audience: sooner or later it will unlock, it happens to all golador. Torino, Italian among the four in contention, had faced the most difficult opponent. I would have outside the home and, for technical choice of Ventura, without deploying all available owners: it was a game where the returning Gillet saved multiple times the target grenade, but above all where the Bullnose has missed an important opportunity to make booty full. Ventura in the press room, after the game, has suffered with whom the accused excessive turn over, to the point of abandoning the post match Conference. The Italian habit of considering the Europa League a needless hassle, of course, must not be passed. But I do not understand why a team preliminary commitments if it snubs the event captured in the field. . You can click this article to read more regarding this interesting subject.


iPhone-6-launch queues at Apple stores around the globe.

Shortly before the store opening in Germany the first Apple fans have secured in Australia and Japan the new models of the iPhone. In Sydney they were the first buyers on Friday worldwide, holding the Smartphone in hands. Jin Sik Kim about extra arrived from South Korea and had campiert days before the Apple store in the Australian capital. He bought both new models. In Tokyo, many buyers from China in line stood before the Apple stores, because the iPhone is Not yet available. In Japan, the iPhone was for the first time without SIM lock sold, so without limitation, a mobile phone provider. The sale of the iPhone on Friday officially launched in Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also in front of the Apple store on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, a hundred meters long queue had formed In the morning. The Smartphone comes next Friday in the stores in about 20 other countries. Plus, models 6 iPhone and iPhone 6 have a screen diagonal of 4.7 and 5.5 inches (nearly twelve and almost 14 inches), respectively. Thus the Group joins the industry trend of towards ever larger displays. The screen of the previous model had a size of four inches. New features include among other things the mobile payment service Apple pay, which should turn iPhones into electronic purses. Apple reported a record number of applications already. In the first 24 hours, more than four million pre-orders entered according to the company. . Inspirational facts may be read clicking this blog.


Egypt: scuba diving at 332,35 m record.

The Egyptian combat swimmer Ahmed Gamal Gabr became, with 332,35 meters, the first diver has never descended as deep being in combination with bottles and without assistance, announced Friday the Guinness Book of records. With approximately 15 hours ascent in bearings for a descent to only 12 minutes, this human feat, medical and technological made Thursday in the Red Sea, Dahab off the coast of Egypt. "The record depth for a dive in autonomy was established by Ahmed Gabr in Dahab, the new record is 332,35 m," said Talal Omar, the judge from the Guinness Book of Records, which validated on the spot in the night. Ahmed Gabr was attempting to reach 350 m in depth according to the organizers. The risks were enormous for 41-year-old at a depth where water pressure on the body of 35 kg per square centimeter, where decompression sickness and other behavioural disorders (narcosis to nitrogen or drunkenness from the depths, Syndrome nervous of high pressure) have already killed a previous record-holder of the world, the American Sheck Exley, and nearly take away other candidates. According to the organizers, for the rise, Lieutenant-Colonel Gamal Gabr, combat in the special forces of Egyptian and triathlete swimmer, had to use more than 60 bottles attached along a "thread of life", filled with four mixtures of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen, skilfully dosed for each level according to four different by a team of hyperbaric physicians formulas french and Egyptian. In four years of training and testing, they patiently produced a diving tables specifically calculated for this diver and at this depth. The previous record in sport scuba diving, i.e. without external assistance, using only sport diving equipment, was disputed between two men: the South African Nuno Gomes, down in 2005 to 318,25 metres at the same place as Ahmed Gabr, for a record certified by the Guinness Book, and French Pascal Bernabé, which plunged the same year at 330 meters off the coast of the Corsica. His record has not been approved by Guinness Book but is generally accepted by clubs and sport diving experts in the world. According to the team of organizers that surrounded Ahmed Gabr, diver had to memorize, during months of training, the lesser of his gestures after second as racing drivers memorize the turns. Beyond a few hundred metres, he was abandoned by the other divers and friends accompanying him, then comes loneliness, the cold and the dark night of the depths off the coast of the resort town of Dahab. He had notably to restrict his breathing at a minimum and slow his heartbeat, techniques learned notably from yoga masters, according to his entourage. Throughout this long solitary journey, incident, the diver at these extreme depths must have a perfect command of his nerves because it ‘a death for relief’ according to the regulars, a comeback hastened condemning him irreparably. Cameras have been set at its facilities and their video will be the only evidence of his achievement. Ahmed Gabr / Facebook. Similar facts can be found reading url.


Holland keeps his cap but confides his doubts.

In mi-quinquennat, the situation is catastrophic for François Holland, who addressed the fourth press since 2012 conference in a situation of extreme weakness. Disastrous economic results, privacy unpacked on the public square, majority torn, popularity at the lowest: the president has endeavoured to defend foot walk, but left filter, perhaps for the first time, the concerns and doubts. On the future of the world and the country, the crisis of the moment, its policy that does not produce yet of results or even choices "easy step". It was the anaphora of the day, as an admission of a president a little disillusioned, far, very far from its legendary optimism. ‘The results, if they come, I will take them’, he let loose, hoping that this is ‘before 2017. Holland defended his economic policy of the offer, which is the subject of discussions within his majority and took the opportunity to call to order the slingers. They can continue to discuss, ‘but in the line that I fixed. President still praised his choice of competitiveness and support businesses. "An irrevocable election", he hammered, acknowledging that this policy was «not easy before the French, when so many needs are dissatisfied, not easy before the majority, who had wanted to be distributed more» "It’s hard", he concluded, referring to the presidential function and its rights-of-way. . Main facts can be read reading the following info.


Europa League: Gladbach launches draw.

Borussia Mönchengladbach has given the hoped-for victory at the start in the European adventure from the hand. 1-1 (1-0) against the FC Villarreal at the start of the Europa League, Patrick Herrmann took the Bundesliga fifth on Thursday evening with his first goal of the season in the 21st minute lead. "Joker" Ikechukwu Uche saved the indefatigable Spaniards less than One minute after midfield a total earned draw (68.). In the intense and good top-end game the hosts could get benefits after a short sampling period in the rain. The Primera Division tables VIII remained but always dangerous in counterattack. Front 39. 128 spectators at the Borussia-Park coach Favre on two positions left Rotate: honeymoon first got the Brazilian Raffael and André Hahn, it sent the coach Herrmann and the Sweden Branimir Haran on the lawn. On Sunday, the team of coach Lucien Favre in the Rhenish Derby in Cologne is before the next test. The first Moenchengladbach blank firing by the Sweden Oscar Wendt sneered close to the far post past (12.). Herrmann benefited then from a failed defensive attempt when his brilliant opening goal from about 20 meters. Shortly before summer in direst need against Denis Tscherischew had to save Yugoslav of Swiss keeper Yann (20.). Herrmann forgave the chance for 2-0, because he does not consistently sought the conclusion in the penalty area (38.). Three minutes later, Hrgota failed. Before the game the players could the coveted Silver Cup see ever – a reminiscence at Borussia, who in 1975 and 1979 had won the previous competition UEFA Cup in its golden decade. The next match in the Group A denies the Favre force in two weeks for FC Zürich. . Similar facts can be read reading website.


World population in the year 2100: we will be 13 billion.

The UN had repeatedly revised its population forecast in recent years upwards. The statistician 2003 still assumed that the world’s population from the year 2040 going back, they assume now a steady growth until the end of this century. The driver behind the development is the African continent. The population density in Africa will rise to roughly that of today’s China, To write the study’s authors. This is because the birth rate in Africa. Therefore it is reduced to less than assumed. The way of the United Nations is disputed. The Organization turn a blind statistical technique with many methodological questions, criticized the head of the world population programme at the International Institute for applied systems analysis (IIASA), Wolfgang Lutz. He complained that the UN forecast updates only data from the past to the future. We have 60 years of experience and 90 years into the future To want look on this basis, he says. . Original source can be found reading this site.


Taxes: instability despair households and businesses.

"The French have the impression of a certain fiscal instability but if one takes the income, the CSG or VAT tax, they have not so much evolved, explains Antoine Bozio, Director of the Institute public policies that has just published on his website of barometers on the different evolutions of indicators socialo-fiscaux(IR, CSG, chômage, retraite, taxation sur le capital,.). It is normal that each year rates change depending on growth and inflation. What is especially damaging, it is illegible due to the complexity of the system. Just look at our payroll sheet. We are champions of exceptional and temporary taxes. Since the election of François Holland, in 2012, none of the scales of the first five instalments has changed. Only the sixth, at the rate of 45 percent, saw the day in 2013. Like most taxes, it is illustrated by its illegibility, as highlighted in the report on the taxation of households last April. "Entry in the schedule of the IR is little readable for households, including the bottom of the scale in the broad sense. And it is not the last announcement of Manuel Valls – which surprised some Ministers – delete the first instalment of tax and information of the redesign of the second echoes that will make this clearer tax. «There are more the impression of small combinations and crafts that a real policy of compulsory levies to fund public services, adds Antoine Bozio.» The French must also know that this possible decrease of the IR will not lower the rate of compulsory levies because, contrary to what one might believe, it weighs only 7% in compulsory levies. "On the other hand, it represents only 3.3% of GDP compared to 4.7% for CSG, tax less ‘visible’ to the French. The last track envisaged by the Government? Increase the CSG to affluent retirees. Information revealed by RTL in the aftermath of the announcement of Manuel Valls to pay an exceptional bonus to modest pensions. Specifically, the Government plans to base the rate of their CSG rather than on the amount of taxation but on taxable income, to erase the effects of deductions and other tax credits that poorly reflect the level of life of the persons concerned. Result: currently 3.5 per cent, the rate may rise to 6.6%, compared to 7.5% for assets. If the reduced rate is stable at 5.5 per cent since 1989, intermediate and normal rates increased 7% to 10% and 19.6% to 20%. Since then, new rumors circulated in August of a new increase of the normal rate which could yield 15 billion euros. According to information of the Figaro Magazine, the track is not excluded and could be incorporated into the next draft finance law. The only favourable to the owners measure concerning the real estate capital gains realised on the sale of housing: the exemption is now acquired at the end of 22 years in prison and not more than 30 years. And until end of August, a 25% reduction is possible on capital gains. . You should read this web site to discover more on this amazing matter.