The Turkey will intervene in Syria against Daech.

The Turkey will therefore join its NATO partners (United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark) and six Arab countries (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, water, Qatar and Bahrain) determined to suppress, or even destroy the IC. Thirty countries support politically, without military involvement, the coalition. It is the proximity of the fighting with its border, as well as the advanced of the EIS to an ottoman mausoleum, defended by about 30 Turkish soldiers in Syrian territory, which would have pushed Ankara to change its mind and decide to intervene. The Turkey was very reluctant to get a foot in this Bee-eater hitherto. A reticence understandable, since none of the countries in the coalition announced the sending of ground troops, there where to earn yet still modern warfare. The Coalition fear above all human losses or to have soldiers captured and then executed with video to the key. The Turkey is only prepared to send troops on the ground, even if London and Washington assume the deployment of ‘instructors", alongside the Kurds, in the North of the Iraq. Is the Kurdish involvement which also explains the wait, or the ambiguity of a Turkey whose border of 1. 200 km with the Syria is a colander for European jihadists. Indeed, opposed to any Kurdish national sentiment, Ankara has allowed long to conduct raids against the Kurds in Iraq and Syria, those who fight the IC,. At the same time, Paris announced yesterday, at the end of a Council of defence, a strengthening of its military build-up in Iraq, without further details. The France always excludes any operation on the ground in Iraq. As Paris, London is engaged in Iraq where it has conducted a second series of raids yesterday morning. . Inspirational source can be read visiting the following


Who still wants Winter Olympics?

And the winner is,. Beijing! July 31, 2015, to Kuala Lumpur, will be designated the 2022 Winter Olympics host city. At the pace where are things, it y to strong bet that the winner will again, 14 years later, the city which was the host of the summer Olympics 2008. In itself, there is nothing shocking in this. China came back in Majesty in the concert of nations and it catches up to full speed the Olympic backlog in the last century; In addition, it is no doubt that China is able to organize of beautiful winter Olympics. What, however, obscures the horizon of the international Olympic Committee (IOC), is the epidemic of withdrawal of candidates for the Winter Olympics (games summer remaining, for the moment, source of lust). Small return on the 12 months during which the side of love and desire for the 2022 games is enfondree,. Nominations for the 2022 Olympics were to be filed before November 14, 2013, midnight. Since 2010, 15 cities (or provinces) had indicated be likely to file an application. A few weeks of the date limit, a very usual process, one third of the candidates potential (Baku, Brasov, Nice, Quebec, and an American bid "to choose" between Denver, Reno and Salt Lake City) had already thrown the towel. There remained then 9 credible candidates, so figure that announced a fight at loggerheads. It was then that occurred the epidemic. Firstly, St. Moritz and the canton of Grisons abandoned following the referendum of March 3, 2013 where the no camp in the OJ brings 52.66% of the cast. Then, October 16, 2013, it is Barcelona who announced his withdrawal. November 10, four days before the deadline for submission of the applications, it’s Munich, which, following a popular consultation, was withdrawing in turn. When November 15, 2013, the IOC press release announced the name of the candidate cities, the tone was nevertheless perky, not to say triumphant. The release headline indeed: ‘ growing interest in the Olympic Winter Games: six cities declare themselves candidates. " It was question "of strong interest as the world’s cities door games" as well as "the benefits and sustainable legacy that the games can bring to an area. In the climate of mistrust surrounding the IOC to 2 months of games, the enthusiasm of the communiqué resembled an against fire, ephemeral. The epidemic was not defeated. January 17, 2014, Stockholm waived its turn on the pretext of a "lack of political support" in an atmosphere of hostility towards the IOC (you don’t mess with suspicions of corruption in Sweden) and international condemnation against the action of the president Poutine. We were then in a few days at the beginning of the Sochi games, debauchery of bleeds and pathetic spectacle promotional expenditures for ‘great leader Putin ‘. The I. o. c. He only realized that the Sochi games have been a disastrous advertising for games? If not the message sent by the citizens of the Polish city of Krakow could help him regain his lucidity: the referendum which was organized in may 2014 lives not reach 70%, which resulted in the immediate defection of the candidate city. Still on the subject of collateral damage by the action of the great leader Putin, it is then the Ukrainian city of Lviv, which was forced to throw in the towel on June 30, 2014. No referendum here, but a country at the edge of chaos that does little more billion to devote to stifling spending as that falls into the trap of Olympism must engage. Summer 2014 had barely the 2022 Olympics had already lost half of their candidate cities. There is little to say that report of the working group the IOC 2022, published mi 2014, was significantly less swaggering than the December press release. But the misfortunes of the IOC had not been completed so far. Beginning September 2014, proponents of the Oslo bid indicated that they work to a proposed reduction in expenditures for the Norwegian bid, and in particular expenditure borne by the taxpayer. The Government indicates that it will consult Parliament and that a vast popular support will be a condition sine qua non for the maintenance of the application. Polls give the Yes to the Olympics at a slightly different level on the side of popularity of president Holland in France, which gives a pretty good indication to the likelihood to see Oslo throw in the towel in the coming weeks. The candidacy of Almaty has it also lead in the wing. This time, it’s the future of the family code of the Kazakhstan that might not be compatible IOC. The Executive Director of the games, Christophe Dubi, 3 candidate cities sent a letter stating that will be added in the host city contract a clause anti discrimination, especially against homosexuals. The trend on the side of Almaty would be rather affirmerle character degenerating of homosexuality, which should hardly boost the kazakh candidacy. So therefore, the final struggle for the awarding of the 2022 Winter Olympics should oppose Beijing in Beijing, unless China ended, before such carnage, wonder if the Winter Olympics are not – to use the terminology of the colonel Louis-Marie Alphonse Toulouse (Jean Rochefort) in the Tall Blond – a trap con. The economic impact of the Winter Olympics are indigent. I have already mentioned in this blog Porter and Fletcher’s article in the Journal of Sport Management, which demonstrates the weakness of these flows of expenditure incurred by external audiences to local economic basin. The invoice, however, continues to make progress, because the specifications of the IOC hardens and the number of tests increases. The only rational explanation to the will of a territory to organize Winter Olympics is therefore today looking for notoriety for a political leader or an emerging nation. The price tag is substantial (need we point out that the Sochi OJ cost 50 billion dollars,.) too high for taxpayers of the countries in which asked actually his opinion to the citizen. In areas where democratic uses are, say,., less entrenched, the Winter Olympics probably still have a future. The IOC will now have to convince its major trading partners that their name will be associated with an event that toured the autocrats of the planet. Even Chinese leaders will hardly love the idea to be associated with this brotherhood of tyrants and dictators Narcissists!. You should check the following to read extra on this great topic.


Noyon: a movement of students ‘ parents against school rhythms followed at 70%.

"We are not very many, but the movement is still very followed. Nearly 70% of absenteeism have been recognised in the schools in the area, and it is a great success for us". Caroline Chérifi, spokesman for the parents of Noyon (Oise), commented, this morning, the rally school Charles Perrault, in order to show their dissatisfaction with the implementation of the reform on school rhythms. In addition to those who simply do not put their children in school, they were twenty to be met before the establishment, before going to the National Education Inspectorate a few meters more far. "The time for extra-curricular activities organized within the framework of this reform? This is the tank! Children spend three hours in recreation,"says a student’s mother, Peggy Barbier. Late morning, the Inspector has promised parents of students that "material would be delivered in mid-December, within the framework of these activities time". But, according to Caroline Cherifi, "it is not known what it is, and what they will do to our children. . Inspirational source can be studied visiting this


Champions League: facing Barca, a Paris gala.

Laurent Blanc can blow: for at least a few days or even a few weeks, it does spéculera more on his future at the head of the Paris SG. Put under pressure by a series of draws most disturbing concerning the way that with regard to the result itself, Parisian coach lived, as the crowded Park, an evening as he had dreamed it maybe, or in any case imagined, with arrival a 3-2 victory against a Barca who was unbeaten since the start of the season and has still not beaten him in C1. This second European event of the season was regarded as a turning point for white and PSG, players of the capital negotiated it beautifully, resistant first to the catalan high laundry, before making the difference with an opponent who had not yet conceded three goals this season thanks to the quality of their arrested kicks (and Catalan weakness in this area) then at the price of a start to the second period removed. Paris had never won a match of the champions League without Ibrahimovic, remained in forums for cause of persistent calcaneus, is done, not step with his alternate at the forefront of the attack, Cavani, still unhappy, but thanks to a big collective force symbolized by the huge work done by a Blaise Matuidi become international, and three goals scored by rather defensive players. This success, which will remind some than in March 1995 against Barca in the quarterfinals of this same C1 (2-1), enables the PSG to the head of Group F and a benefit in less psychological on a Catalan team remained threatening until the end. Because if Paris was awarded its good start to the match by the score of David Luiz, speedier than Mascherano opening to resume a free kick from Lucas out of reach Ter Stegen (1-0, 10th), he suffered then, cashing 102 seconds later the purpose of Equalization of Messi, his 68th in C1 (it had more marked since three matches) at the end of a marvel of collective actionbefore much behind running the ball, monopolized by Barca. But except on a ladleful of Messi for Neymar love that does not fit his recovery (25th), the Catalans are not dangerous, and worse, displayed some defensive frailties when PSG starts to grow, particularly on kick off. It is almost inevitably on a corner right by Thiago Motta that Verratti, forgotten in the second post by Rakitic, benefits from the output of Ter Stegen to offer a windfall to his team and register his first goal in the Jersey of the MTP (2-1, 27th). Paris comes out well and held his advantage until the break, before start perfectly the second act by controlling the ball and thinking to do the break when offset on his right by Pastore corridor, Van der Wiel address a Center chalk cut victoriously at the far post by a ubiquitous Matuidi (3-1, 54th). . You can check this to discover more on this interesting matter.


Germany mourns the graffiti artist OZ: long live the Sprühling,.

Once in the circle, Zig-Zag, without stopping, done. Quickly spray is his trademark, which had OZ. More than 120 000 should time OZ smileys and squiggle with his day, so his trademark, on Hamburg’s house walls, traffic light poles or power boxes have left. Some of the wonderful Wizard of OZ swarmed the scene, for the police, his works were scrawled. Now he was spraying on a S – Bahn line at the age of 64 years to life. Graffiti Grandpa Walter Josef Fischer is considered to be sanctified. Again and again he faced because of property damage Court, total served more than eight years in prison. Most recently, even the justice resigned. Although the District Court of Hamburg-Barmbek 2011 again sentenced him to 14 months in prison. The judge rejected a parole because he was again caught during the court proceedings in the spray. The Court of Appeal ruled 2012 but much milder: his inhibiting ability would be significantly limited, also a sentence not put off by other acts. Therefore, it remained at a fine: 250 daily rates à 6 euros. The defence had insisted on artistic freedom and demanded acquittal. Perhaps A few of his works as art to ewerten, be the appellate judges conceded, there are other ways to express themselves artistically, but. Not for OZ, as demonstrated. Late Thursday evening, he Janitor his day (from English to day = actually with a trailer, shield or similar mistake according to Duden) on the cover of a S-train track. According to the Federal Police a railway on the head must have met with him. The platoon commander the accident never noticed, only the driver of a following train saw the dead on the track. The aerosol can was next to him. Was OZ an artist or a criminal now? I can do nothing with these categories, says Martin Gegenheimer (34) from the Berlin archive of youth cultures. He was the grandfather of the Hamburg scene. OZ was as a mascot. It could be also a lovable fellow. If you look at the code (tags) as a form of calligraphy or typography, also they are graffiti art. It’s like a manuscript: one, the others don’t like the one. Graffiti sprayers who can recognize therefore, or what was left of a colleague. That is often closed to outsiders. The works of OZ have been shown several times in galleries, an exhibition in Hamburg a book under the title the Sprühling live was released in 2009. Many of his messages contained a critical approach to the urban culture, an attack on the superficial society, it said. This silent protest against something that you maybe can empathize or feel, is characterized by creative energy. How many other property owners, Deutsche Bahn has little understanding of this form of creativity. According to railway sources, until the last minute to assert claims for damages against OZ, she tried. To remove graffiti works, the Deutsche Bahn spent 6.6 million euros last year. The sprayers is however difficult to deal with. In the first half of the year, the railway was already 10 500 offenses, an increase of 40 percent compared to the same period last year. Danger, prison and the public rejection of his art could never stop OZ. If the death can do it? Spray in peace, tweeted on Friday of one of his fans. . You should visit the following home page to read more regarding this interesting topic.


Bygmalion: the custody of four former executives extended.

The two founders of Bygmalion, Guy Alvès and Bastien Millot, his accountant as well as the ex-boss of subsidiary event Event and Cie, Franck Attal, were arrested early Monday morning at their homes and places in custody for questioning in the corruption of the judicial police office in Nanterre. Searches also took place. Theoretically, custody may last up to 48 hours prior to a possible submission to the financial pole co-investigating judges. In this case, the Paris Prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation for false and use of forgery, breach of trust and attempt to scam, entrusted to judges Renaud van Ruymbeke and Roger Le Loire Serge Tournaire. The magistrates and the police investigate a system of false invoices, recognized by several protagonists, to allow the budget for the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy does not explode the ceiling of expenditures, i.e. EUR 22.5 million. For this Event and co. had charged many expenses to the UMP and not to the Sarkozy campaign via false conventions of the party. Counsel for Bygmalion, 10 to 11 million euros were thus emerged from the campaign account. But, according to an evaluation in the folder, this figure would reach EUR 18.5 million, learned from a source close to the investigation. One of the objectives of the investigators is to determine who was informed within the UMP and the campaign team of such fraud and if leading roles such as Jean-François Cope, who ran the party and Nicolas Sarkozy himself could ignore it. . Additional info can be read reading


Environment: California bans plastic bags.

Sacramento – California has banned disposable plastic bags as first U.S. State. Governor Jerry Brown signed a law on Tuesday: 2015 thin, free plastic bags in grocery stores and drug stores may be No more issued to customers. From 2016, smaller shops and drink vendors are affected by the ban. This law is a step in the right direction, said Brown. It reduce the tide of plastic waste on beaches, natural parks and the sea. We are the first ones that prohibit these bags, and we will be the last. In supermarkets in the United States the customer purchases are packaged usually at checkout of supermarket employees in thin plastic bags. Usually they are used only once – and many end up in the sea, because they are blown away from landfills. Up to 142 million tons of waste power on the high seas, environmentalists estimate. In several California cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, the thin bags are therefore already prohibited. Several manufacturers of plastic bags have announced opposition to the new law. The American progressive bag Alliance, a National Association of plastic bag manufacturers, trying to get a referendum on banning bags in California, she should take place in July 2015. In television commercials, the manufacturers warn the ban will cost thousands of jobs. California granted loans in the amount of US$ 2 million bags manufacturers to change their production on recyclable plastic bags. For this and for paper bags customers in California must pay a fee of ten cents – which in turn irks the paper bag Manufacturers Association. It was unfair to make reusable plastic bags with paper bags on a stage. . For extended information on this topic read


Basketball: Strasbourg launches its season with a rematch on the Asvel.

Strasbourg launched his season a success at home against Asvel (68-58) Tuesday at the end of the first day of ProA, a taste of revenge victory five days down against the same opponent in qualifier for the Euroleague last Thursday, this is Villeurbanne, more a big-budget ProA this season (EUR 7.3 million), which had won (74-65) in the semi-finals of the qualifying tournament for the Euroleague, in Ostend, Belgium. The two teams met Tuesday in the Championship, on the Alsatian parquet. Strasbourg, vice-champion of France 2014, quickly took the lead, finding the first quarter with 5 steps ahead (20-15), and then gradually widening the gap, up to lead by 13 points after 17 minutes of play (34-21). Same private Edwin Jackson, hit to a calf, the Asvel returned in the part at the end of second quarter, worn especially by Ahmad Nivins 11 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, by registering a 10-2 to return to the locker room in 5 lengths of Strasbourg (36-31). The upturn by Villeurbanne continued after the break when Pierre Vincent players pointed more than 1 point (38-37, 23rd minute), with two three pointers in a row signed by the American duo Travis Bader and Taurean Green. But Ali Traore (18 pts, 4 rb) and Antoine Diot (12 pts, 6 rb, 4 assists) were air to the Alsatians, who resumed offshore at the end of the third quarter (53-45) and did more leave the Asvel the opportunity to reverse the situation. Results from the 1st day of championship of France basket-ball:vendrediPau ProA-Orthez – Orleans 72 – 60samediBourg-en-Bresse – Le Havre 73 – 81chalons-Reims – Paris-Levallois 84 – 85Cholet – Dijon 81 – 73Le Mans – Rouen 61 – 63Nanterre – Chalon 89 – 66dimancheLimoges – Nancy 75 – 56lundiBoulogne-sur-Mer – Gravelines 64 – 79mardiStrasbourg – Villeurbanne 68 – 58. Original data could be found clicking the following


Security guard in the refugee home Burbach: I’m not a thug.

You To want talk to me about Burbach?, asks the man with the glasses. Better then come in! It goes through the garden, in the cellar. A black bomber jacket, stands on the security depends on a hanger. Further, up the staircase!, the man says. In the hallway, bright, friendly, then turn right into the kitchen. Two orange garden gnomes out of clay and a tea light stand on the table. What are you To want to know?, asks the man, sits down and folded his arms. Dieter p. (name changed) is one of the security guards from the asylum-seekers home in the North Rhine-Westphalian Burbach, from the terrible images of the public arrived. It was p., who was an asylum seeker in his vomit: you want another one? Should I kick you in the face, or what? There’s a video. Previously, the whining man asked his supposed guards why they had beaten him. North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) mentions of criminals who were in the refugee accommodation at work. He means also p., a family man, late 40s, who long worked as a merchant and eventually hired in the security industry. For nine euro an hour he went patrol in Burbach, up to 300 hours in the month. I’m not a thug, says P. The evening in the spring, when the film was made, Dieter reminds p. still pretty much. He is not denied to be the voice in the video. P wants to be open and explain the hardly understandable. Also at the police station he has testified for hours without a lawyer: it’s the truth. In the evening so the refugee have riots, once again. Although there is a strict ban on alcohol in the home, the man often Very much drunk was so P. He must vomit repeatedly and attacked them with broken glass. Finally, after hours, the colleague R. did too. Because the man had been but still no rest, he, Dieter threatened p., him. This is however the only thing that we do, says P. It wasn’t nice, but I wanted to get him to rest. The representation according to the security guard R., who had slapped the refugee, recorded little later the video was played to a freelance journalist last week. Dieter p wants to have unaware of the recordings. Also he doesn’t remember allegedly on the identity of the victim, the man was maybe Moroccans, tell he No more could the so R after so many months. The also heard Henning G. (lie down in your vomit and go to sleep!) portrays in the film the sequences of the evening in the Siegerland courier similarly. The battle took hours with the refugees, several who have vomited. Then I lost the nerves and threatened him, so G. in the newspaper. As weapons they had small vials of pepper spray, which had may employ them but actually Go ahead the self-protection, remembers P. They would have called the police, the officers had left at times Very much A lot time. During the search at the former barracks on Friday evening, Staatsschützer in the living room of the security guards, among others seized a baton and a brass knuckles. Regularly, the guards by some residents had been attacked and spat upon, p. says: I had so often the pants full. . You must visit the following to discover more on this interesting subject.


IS Turkish soldiers kesselt a – major offensive: Kurds attack IS on three fronts.

Supported by U.S. air raids Kurdish units in several regions of northern Iraq have begun attacking the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). The fighters had advanced at dawn on three fronts, several representatives said the Pesh militia, the AFP news agency. In the visor IS positions north of Mosul, Islamistenhochburg, a town on the border to Syria, as well as South of the strategically important for the business of the oil city of Kirkuk were accordingly. Also, Sumar, located 60 kilometres northwest of Mosul, was attacked by the Pesh. Further South, the Kurdish fighters, according to a general recaptured several villages around the village Dakuk from IS held. In both cases the fighters received according to the support from the air and by artillery units, where it remained unclear Which one Luftwaffe for military use was involved in Kurdish media there said the fierce fighting around the city continued. First, information about victims of the bombing were not available. According to the Observatory, which refers to their information from activists and doctors on the spot, the jihadists were less than five kilometres from the city. On Monday, it fired thus about 20 rockets on the center of the border town, which killed three people. 13 IS fighters had been killed in the air attack in northern Syria on Monday, the human rights activist declared next.   . For more information regarding this matter check blog.